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Mans Journey of the Soul

Are you Dreaming a Dream of Future Fantasy?

Are you dreaming a dream of future fantasy or living a magical life grounded in reality? The future holds nothing of value. True wealth is in the present. What we do with our time (our greatest asset) determines the life we are living. In all our now moments we are given an infinite number of choices […]

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10 Positive Side Effects from Enjoying your Life!

Our bodies will die someday and we will leave this lovely place. Why the %&*$ would we do anything but the things that we enjoy? Sure, we gotta eat food, have a home, wear clothes (otherwise we’ll get arrested — which is a silly rule in my opinion) and all that stuff… and yes, those things […]


What are you Mastering in 2015?

A new beginning, new year and new now. Are you ready to have the best, most successful, activating year of your life? Do you have a plan to make that happen? Think back five years. Imagine a thing you really wanted to do but for some reason didn’t. What was it? Now imagine, how far […]

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Want It? Then Claim It, Commit and Become!

If we want something but don’t actually claim it, then it will never be. So many people unconsciously claim mediocrity, less than their potential and a life they don’t want. Why? This path of not having to live up to who we really are appears safer than digging deep, deciding what we want and putting ourselves “out […]

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102 eCourse Ideas for the Creative Entreprenuer in You

If you have an awesome gift, workshop experience or SOMETHING unique that you do or coach people with, then you really should consider having an eCourse. It’s a great way to inspire way more people because you can reach people anywhere with high speed internet. It’s an awesome way to create more income while you […]

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4 Reasons Why you Should NOT Write an eBook!

If you have a message that you’re passionate about sharing with the world, then there’s a good chance you’ve considered writing an eBook or perhaps you have already written one but were slightly disappointed at the response. In this article I want to share some of the major lessons I have learned about why we […]