Gandhi vs Monsanto

Al-OM-ha Everyone!!

Today’s video is a weee bit different than the norm. 

All the buzz around Monsanto has gotten me thinking (UH-OH!) …. I’ve been witness to all the projected anger and hatred towards that company and all it stands for.  In my contemplations I have been asking myself “WHAT WOULD GANDHI DO TO OVERCOME MONSANTO?” 

So as I eat my breakfast, I share with you my thoughts and I INVITE you to share your thoughts and solutions too … NOW is the time for all of us Soul Fam to come together, offer up everything we’ve got and rise above this craziness through Peace & Non-Violence!

Let me know what you think PLEASE participate in the conversation by commenting & solutionizing with us below …


Cowabunga Namaste!

Brad Morris  (BradiDude)



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