ManTalks Speech: Spirituality Mastery Meditation Business & Golf

ManTalks Speech: Spirituality Mastery Meditation Business & Golf

I spoke at a ManTalks event in Vancouver in front of 150 young entrepreneurs back in March on the topic of Spirituality and about my own personal spiritual journey. ManTalks is like TedTalks but geared towards men.

In this 25-minute presentation I shared parts of my story I’ve never talked about publicly before. Some of the things I talk about are:

  • What moved me to drop out of school and start my first business,
  • My lowest moment in life which was the catalyst for transformation and the path I now live,
  • What spirituality is to me and how I practice in my life, relationships, business and golf game,
  • How golf is a path to Self Mastery for me and what that means,
  • How meditation has been a catalyst in my life for presence, purpose and facing my fears,
  • The FOUR Questions that have transformed my entire life and could do the same for you,
  • My advice for anyone thinking about taking a big leap of faith in their life,
  • And a bunch of inspirational side stories that will make you laugh and possibly shed a tear or two.


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