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Want It? Then Claim It, Commit and Become!

If we want something but don’t actually claim it, then it will never be. So many people unconsciously claim mediocrity, less than their potential and a life they don’t want. Why? This path of not having to live up to who we really are appears safer than digging deep, deciding what we want and putting ourselves “out […]

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102 eCourse Ideas for the Creative Entreprenuer in You

If you have an awesome gift, workshop experience or SOMETHING unique that you do or coach people with, then you really should consider having an eCourse. It’s a great way to inspire way more people because you can reach people anywhere with high speed internet. It’s an awesome way to create more income while you […]

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4 Reasons Why you Should NOT Write an eBook!

If you have a message that you’re passionate about sharing with the world, then there’s a good chance you’ve considered writing an eBook or perhaps you have already written one but were slightly disappointed at the response. In this article I want to share some of the major lessons I have learned about why we […]

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A Retelling of the Lies We Are Told Growing Up

There is a common story that most of us grew up hearing from our parents and they heard it from their parents. Perhaps for a time the story served a purpose. I mean it must’ve because it got us to where we are right now. However times have changed and the story has now become […]

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ABC’s of Success

Picture by my good friend, Elspeth McLean (buy her amazing work here) The first video I ever launched went viral. Ironically, I had only found out about this wonderful website called, Youtube just a few months before the video went live… It all started with a good idea that sounded like a whole lot of fun to create. […]

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Meditation Remix (HipHop Video)

Believe it or not, but one of my dreams has always been to create a HipHop music video. I don’t know if it’s just me wishing to unleash my inner Eminem or perhaps I’ve always wanted to know how to rhyme like Dr. Seuss really fast.  Whatever the reason for the desire doesn’t matter anymore, […]