Are you Overwhelmed, Feeling Distracted and Unable to Follow Through with Your Goals, Commitments & Intentions?

Lost and confused

Imagine waking up with a practice that supports you to be grounded, clear and empowered for your day ahead.

Imagine having the tools to eliminate overwhelm from your life so you can show up to the moment fully empowered and follow through with your goals and intentions.

Imagine being free from stress and chaos, so you can bring your whole Self to all the experiences of your life and have way more fun living.

Business yogaBecause here is the truth…

  • You can show up to each day activated, energized and clear.
  • Life does not have to be filled with stress and chaos.
  • You should NOT be overwhelmed all the time.
  • You CAN become the calm within the storm of our rapidly changing Planet.
  • It just takes practice, and practice creates improvements.

Feel into this question…

How much more of a positive difference could you make in the world, your children’s lives and with your dreams if you were to start doing the things you know you need to everyday that bring you into balance, harmony and a clear state of being?

The difference will transform the world…

modern meditation for businessI struggled to make my big visions come to life for the first half decade of being an entrepreneur. I always felt overwhelmed by all of the details and to-do’s.

It wasn’t until I got disciplined and started showing up to my meditation practice and got embodied everyday that those ideas actually became my reality.

I have now brought so many of my dreams and visions to life as well as thousands of clients around the world.

It honestly starts with a daily practice of coming back to yourself and then creating what you want from that clear, connected state.

Experience Meditation

21 days of discovering the power of meditation in your life

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meditation bench on calm watersWith all the teachers, styles and techniques out there, this foundational Level 1 eCourse is designed to demonstrate to you how powerful a daily practice of coming back to your breath and focusing your intentions truly is for creating the results you want.

Through the meditation techniques and exercises you’ll practice everyday you will learn how to direct your breath, thoughts and emotions, rather than having them direct you.

I can absolutely guarantee you will experience a massive shift within yourself, how you deal with stressful situations and the people who challenge you most when you commit fully to this 21 day process…

Oh and did i mention it will be fun, easy and enjoyable!

Who Would Benefit from this 21 Day Meditation Experience?

  • You are new to meditation and are curious about it
  • You want to learn some powerful new techniques that support you to thrive through the ups and downs of a life.
  • You are stressed out, burned out or overwhelmed and desperately want a solution,
  • Your energy is scattered and you feel unproductive or stuck and you wish to learn how to focus more,
  • You feel exhausted and need to remember how to relax,
  • You haven’t had a good night sleep in a long time,
  • You are going through a lot of changes and could use the consistency of a daily grounding practice,
  • You are praying for clarity and don’t know what to do with yourself right now,
  • You live most days feeling fearful and uncertain about the future,
  • You have never experienced the power of true presence and would love to know what that feels like,
  • You are ready to show up and love yourself fully and you’re willing to do the work necessary to make that a reality.

Your power is in your presence.

If things aren’t flowing for you, then you’re not tapping into your source of creation. Experience Meditation, embody your potential.

Man bathed in light and roadway

Included in your 21 Day Experience:

  • Young businesswoman sitting in yoga lotus position with laptop computerSix meditation video tutorials that explain the specific techniques you will be practicing each day,
  • Six guided audio meditations that you can download to any device and take everywhere you go,
  • The support and guidance to help you create a healthy habit of meditation that you love and look forward to,
  • Daily email inspirations with videos, stories and transformational exercises which will support you to live your life with intention, clarity and fun,
  • The opportunity to connect with other fellow Meditators through the Cowabunga Life Facebook page.
  • Lifetime access to the meditations and process so you may re-do this journey for free as many times as you wish.

5-Minute Meditation (sample from eCourse)

Here is a five minute taste test of one of the week one guided audio meditations to give you a cellular experience of how powerful these practices are and to understand the magnitude of quality you will be receiving when you enrol in this eCourse.

Name your Price!

As a personal commitment to reach more people all across the world who have a desire to improve the quality of their life through my online eCourses, I have made this offering available to you at the price you want to or are able to pay.

The price that I would like to receive in exchange for all the time, energy and financial investment it took for me to build this eCourse is $97 … and I understand that not all people can afford that or would pay it, and so I put the power in your hands to ‘Name your Price’ based on the value you believe this is worth or can afford.

At the end of your 21 days you will receive an email from me with the opportunity to pay more money if you feel you received more value than what you paid.

Why “Name your Price?”

I’ll be honest, changing my business model to go from a fixed price to you naming your price was a big decision for me. I went back and forth for a long time and in the end, fear was the only thing stopping me from doing it. Fear of not making enough money to live, fear of ‘having to get a real job’, fear of doing something wrong, etc… 

But when I looked deep into my heart and asked, “What would love do?” I knew this was how I wanted to share my work.

I believe so much in who I am and what I have created here. I have seen my eCourses the lives of people from all over the world again and again and again. When it comes down to it, life is about trusting in the power of love and by putting my work out there for the people to decide their price, I let love bless their life and I allow their love and gratitude to bless mine.

The way I look at it, I’d rather have 1000 happy customers pay $1 than ten happy customers paying $97.

Sponsor Next Gen

Sponsor a Youth under 19 with your Registration!

My mission is to empower as many youth and young adults with the life skills I have learned to achieve success. So when you pay the $57 price you will sponsor one participant who is under 19 years old to do the Experience Meditation eCourse, and by paying the full $97 you sponsor two Next Generation participants to take this journey with you. Imagine that, change your life and you change the world!

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Success Stories

TammiLynnTestimonial“The most powerful part of my process was the recognition that I was “saying yes” to myself and investing my time in something vital.

Your guided mediations reduce stress and have helped me actively release tension.  Better yet, they’ve given me a very practical and interesting way to release old “no longer useful” beliefs; I now literally “ahhhhhh” them away.

This is invaluable.  Just this priceless technique alone is worth all effort.

The purity with which this program is offered is maybe the sweetest part about the process.

Brad is an integral link in the journey. Without him and his excitement for renewal and peace of heart the meditation experience would lose its wonder.”

Tammi L is a Marketer, Mom & Entrepreneur in Southern California

ArneThis daily embodiment practice has made me realize the deeper, hidden patterns and habits I have been looking to discover within myself, as I have felt lost in my body and mind about who I am and why I am here.

I now feel that I am much closer to fully authenticating myself.

All I can say to people is, Just do it! Leave your skepticism and old beliefs behind and become a lighter version of yourself by doing this. I want more!

- Arne – geologist and world adventurer in Australia

P1060596Thank you SO much Brad for your ingenious ability to create positive, life-enhancing meditation practices for anyone who is willing to look deeper into their hearts and be open to this powerful opportunity to change their lives for the better!

Your 21 Day Meditation Makeover is pure magic and exactly what my universal doctor lead me to. What a gift and gentle reminder to re-commit myself to a daily practice.

I feel so reconnected to my expanded heart space ~ what an absolutely beautiful life and I’m so blessed to have you as part of it too!

- Deb E, Victoria BC

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Who is Bradley Morris?

Bradley Morris began his career as a teacher in 2007 with the success of his viral YouTube video called, “The Gratitude Dance”.

The video’s profound success allowed him to travel extensively holding speaking engagements and workshops throughout North America for two years.

Upon return he created Cowabunga Life, an online resource for mediation practices, inspirational messages and ongoing support.

His online programs Cowabunga Vision Quest and Meditation Makeover are now supporting people with their meditation practice in more than 20 countries such as France, Australia, Malaysia, Germany and Holland to name a few.

Since the formation of in 2009, he has led over 400 meditation workshops and Adventure Retreats in various countries around the world.

He is an accomplished writer with more than 250 published articles on online publication platforms such as My Yoga Online and FinerMinds, and has created over 150 videos available on YouTube.

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