About Cowabunga Life


Cowabunga Life is a lifestyle. It means to live a passionate, vibrant, healthy, connected, grateful, exciting, liberated, grounded, driven, creative, empowered life that serves a greater purpose in the world and brings joy to other’s lives.. Your power is in your presence, so it’s about showing up to what you do with your full heart and soul. It’s also about dedication to constant growth, acceptance through change, gratitude for challenges and the never-ending journey of growing into your potential.


What are your dreams? What do you want more than anything? What mission would you be willing to dedicate the rest of your life to fulfilling? What do you want to become a Master of?


To dream is good but to create your dreams is to live!


BradBioPicThese are the types of questions that drive me each and everyday. My life is a constant recommitment to my passions and the things that make me feel alive, connected and filled with purpose. There is no end destination; only new chapters, greater adventures and an evolution of where I am now.


My Mission is to support you with the habits, practices and life perspectives that help you to live your most activated, fun, creative and powerful life – so you can experience your true Potential for this and every moment. With real, practical tools you can get clear and lead your life or business in any direction you choose. I am grateful you’re here right now and am excited to serve your mission!



Services you will find here

Cowabunga Life offers a variety of services that support you to reach greater heights in your life and business.


The Saturday DudeLetter


Inspirational Writing and Videos


Online Meditation and Life Momentum programs


Life and Business Coaching


Corporate Packages


Cowabunga Classrooms for the Youth


Cowabunga Adventures


New Earth Comedy



Through all of the offerings at Cowabunga Life, my intentions are to support you to navigate your life rooted in who you are, present to the need of the moment, confident in your gifts and with a clear mission and purpose for yourself or what you’re here to do. I will help you train your mind to see every challenge and setback as a blessing that is here to support you to access deeper wisdom and grow more fully into your true potential so you can positively impact more lives in the world through all that you do. The practices and lifestyle discovery techniques I share support businesses and people to get grounded, clear, present and committed to their target so that success is the only option. 


Creating what you want is way more than just positive thinking. You must be prepared to access strength you didn’t know was inside you and learn to harness your abilities to focus your intentions, values, thoughts and actions in the direction you want to go. It’s also more than wishful thinking or waiting for the Universe to deliver. It requires dedication, persistence, resilience, being present to the moment and taking tons of inspired action.


Is fear, doubt or your lack of clarity holding you back?


Most people never move beyond dreaming though. Fears, self doubt or lacking clarity stop many from ever taking their leap into greatness. Don’t let this be your story. When you are courageous enough to move through that resistance and come out the other side, you feel so powerful, vibrantly alive and ready to take on the next challenge with a bring it on attitude!


When you say yes to what you want (and mean it), life will bless you and challenge you with setbacks and opportunities for growth, but it is how you respond to these experiences that support you to move forward and step beyond what you think you’re capable of. 


Meditation is one of the greatest assets in life to keep you balanced through the unknown as you walk towards your aspirations. It is also helpful for accessing incredible levels of creativity with work, depth in relationships and feeling connected to a greater energy than yourself; the pulsation of Life. The time is now to take your goals and success to a whole new level!



Welcome to Cowabunga Life.

Are you ready to have some fun now?




My Experiences


Facilitation of more than 400 Meditation workshops and more than 100 human potential workshops and speaking engagements


Creation of the Cowabunga Vision QuestMeditation Makeover and Momentum online programs which have supported the lives of hundreds of people from more than 20 countries worldwide


Publication of more than 200 articles, many of which have been republished by popular online sites such as, Positively Positive, Elephant Journal, FinerMinds, Yoganonymous and My Yoga Online


Life and Business Coaching to clients around the world


Adventure Retreat Leader in Peru, Hawaii, Mexico and BC


A featured teacher in the movie, Beyond Belief


Co-created the Youtube viral video, The Gratitude Dance


Positively impacted the lives of thousands of teenagers through my work as one of The GratiDudes


Presenter at Agape Youth Revelations Conference and went on to teach Sunday school at Agape Spiritual Centre for six months


Morning meditations at David Wolfe’s 2013 New Years Retreat in Hawaii and 2012/13 Epic Eden Retreats in Arizona


Workshop presenter on an I.O.N.S Cruise through the Mexican Riviera


Co-host of a successful radio show Manifesting Awesomeness with Matthew Ashdown in 2008