Get Off the Fence and Commit!

Might I remind you that YOU CAN create whatever you want in your life.


You CAN create optimum health if you take the time to create the vision for what optimum health would feel and look like for you. You CAN create complete abundance for yourself if you take the time to create the vision for what abundance would look and feel like for you. You CAN create the lifestyle or business or job or whatever you want if you take the time to create the clear vision for what that looks and feels like.


Creating your life and dreams starts with taking the time to really listen to your heart so that you can tell your mind what it is you intend for yourself, but most people ignore the heart and just listen to the mind. This is a trap that will leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. I believe taking time every single day to tune into yourself and embody presence and awareness so that as you move forward through your days and tasks you are committed to your mission, purpose and you have a sense of direction.


This is why I create online programs and teach people to create some form of daily practice for themselves. These rhythms act like inhales and exhales, just like breathing and as you create these patterns in your life it becomes much easier to navigate and create your desires. Clarity, focus and practice are essential pieces for getting what you want. Be persistent and if you don’t have a daily practice GET ONE … it will change everything! If you want guidance, check out my Cowabunga Vision Quest. It is changing a lot of people’s worlds’.


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Ground into your centre today and listen to what you truly desire. Once you hear that quiet voice of Truth, write about it, paint it, draw it, dance to it, write affirmations about it and focus all of your energy and focus on that desire. It will likely take some time to create what you want but when you decide and you are 100% committed to the journey f creating what you want, that’s when the Universe will jump in to assist you. If you’re not having miracles show up in your life to support your dreams then there is a good chance that you’re sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen.


FenceGet off the damn fence and commit! Go for what you want with total certainty. Learn to trust that you’ll be provided for and that your dreams have so much value. Nurture them like a child and protect them from the elements. You are so powerful. Always remember this.


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Success Happens when you Stop Worrying and Start Living

You’ll have to forgive this rant, but this thought stream just had to flow. If you’re someone who spends more time worrying than you do living in a way that you love and enjoy, then you should probably listen up…


So here’s the thing. We’re all gonna die someday and to spend our precious moments on this incredible Planet in these miraculous bodies worrying about what people will think about us if we do this or don’t do that makes no sense to me. We are miracles. Literally. Just think about it. We’re flying through the cosmos on this gorgeous Earth ship.


But we get so near-sited that we can’t see beyond our petty, bullshit – doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things problems. We act like the apocalypse has arrived when things get a smidge bit tough or when the entire Universe doesn’t bow down and arrange our lives exactly how our Google Calender says it should go. The majority of the world wastes their precious time chasing after a pay cheque doing something they hate, just to scrape by because they feel like they have to, or it’s the only way, or they have kids so they can’t, or they have no choice, or some other boloney belief system they have accepted as Truth. I assure you, if you’re living your life inauthentically to who you truly are, it is only a belief system that separates you from living a lifestyle you love and cherish. Freedom is just a perspective shift away…


Even if you do have kids, using them as an excuse is the biggest crock of crap cream that’s ever been made up. Don’t put your unfulfilled dreams on the shoulders of your children. As a child of humans, I want nothing more than for my parents to be happy, free and doing what they love. I believe that the parents who are courageous enough to go for their own dreams and involve their family in the process, actually empower, educate and support their children to grow up and go for their dreams too!  Isn’t that what all parents want anyways? Sure it’s hard work, but so is being a slave to the habit of hating your job, life and self. Which challenge would you rather endure?


But many of us hold back still. We never get to experience the Dopamine rush that comes from sharing our hearts authentically because we’re afraid of what some stranger in a funny suit who doesn’t know our middle name might think of us. Let me tell you this though, as someone who has been sharing the journey of my own truth for nearly a decade online, I can testify that by living authentically you will inspire and empower WAY more people than you will piss off. When I dropped out of college ten years ago to follow my heart, my mom was pissed. She didn’t talk to me for almost three months. But over the years as I have stayed true to my path and followed my aspirations, rather than what society, my folks and everyone else told me; she and a lot of others have come around and now see that there really is something magical to this whole following our Yestiny thing.



The other thing that holds people back from really going for what they want in their life is the fear of screwing up or looking bad. This is entrained in us from school. We’re taught that we’ve gotta have the right answers and so walking through the unknown path of our dreams is very intimidating. The reason for this is because our dreams are actually a feeling, not a tangible thing we can fully describe, calculate, logicalize, explain or map out. Just remember when you were a baby though. You would fall on your ass fifty times a day when learning to walk. You’d poop in your diaper and then smear your shit all over the place (well maybe not all people did this). You’d do the silliest things on your journey of developing coordination and you never gave a single thought about what other people were gonna think of you because you were just living. Why does this ever have to stop just because we can now walk, feed ourselves, read, write and count to ten without using our fingers?  The road to absolute Freedom is a wild ride. There is a lot of ungraceful moments. We stumble, fall, crawl, cry and sometimes even soil ourselves due to excitement or fear. And God it is worth it. It is so fun, magical, profound and truly indescribable. 


I guess the point of this little rant is to affirm to you that if you’ve been thinking about doing something that to the rest of the world looks at as insane, crazy, or fun — then you should probably do it, and here’s why… Because you’re gonna die someday and when you do, don’t you want to revel in the awesomeness of a life well lived as it flashes before your eyes? I know I do! Ultimately, the choice of how you live your life is always yours’…


Never doubt yourself again. Listen to and download this Cowabunga Meditation right now!

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Dare to Dream

Do you want to know some of the things I do to consciously create my reality, carve my path and overcome the many obstacles that present themselves as I breathe life into my dreams?


I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years and this one on Dare to Dream Radio with Debbi Dachinger really stands out for me. I had an absolute blast with her, sharing stories, offering techniques and sharing in a super juicy conversation about the magic of life.

Get your favourite mug of delicious, download the interview and listen to it in a comfy spot with a journal!



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Dealing with Turbulence through Growth


Growth is a natural part of life, but sometimes we can feel unprepared for the challenges life has in store for us. 


GrowthTurbulenceWhen we set out to create that higher vision for our lives I think it’s a good thing that we can’t see the whole picture of how it’ll all unfold, because if we knew all the challenges we’d have to go through to make the vision come to life I don’t think we’d ever start. I’ll be honest by saying that creating your dreams will be the most challenging, rewarding, powerful, magical, life-changing, unbelievable journey you will ever say yes to. There is no greater quest to Self Mastery and soul fulfillment and no matter what your vision is, let go of the idea that it needs to be easy and instead embrace that path to growth!


Don’t worry because it can and will be fun. Oh yes, and it’s the purest form of fun that exists!  But easy and quick is highly unlikely. Growing into your full potential means you must shed the layers of all the things that are less than that; the patterns, habits, beliefs about yourself and God knows what else. Now I want to be clear when I say, I’m not trying to scare you from going for your dreams with gusto, I just want to prepare you for the path ahead. You’ll need to be dedicated, persistent, resilient and have an “I’ll never give up attitude.”


To be honest, I’ve thought about quitting MANY times since 2005 when I took my leap, but whenever I think about it I couldn’t imagine any other life than this. This is the quest I signed up for and the hardships come with the growth process. It’s all a part of my Neverending Story, just like the pain, growth and beauty of your life is your Neverending Story.  Don’t idolize other people’s stories who appear to have it made, instead engage your own story and pursue your own path to Self Mastery, Personal Power and love for life!


To stay grounded, focused and on track I really recommend learning meditation. It will keep you in balance, in tune with your intuition, not to mention the higher levels of creativity, focus and energy you can access from a regular practice. Going to a class once per week is not enough with the craziness of the world. If you want to make shit happen in your life, you need to be grounded, clear on your intentions and centred in your being so those BIG, challenging life lessons don’t knock you on your ass so that you can’t get up. Challenges will happen and presence practices will only benefit your Being as they arrive.


If you want support, I have several online programs, including the 40 day Cowabunga Vision Quest.


Here is a video I made recently after a really challenging couple weeks. In it I explain what I’ve been doing to keep me focused and moving forward while I go through another period of growth turbulence.  Please enjoy and leave a comment below the video. I love hearing from you.

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What we Focus on is Magnified


We have all heard the expression, “What we focus on expands” but recently I had a kind of awakening to how true this expression is.


I spent the afternoon out in the forest, having a personal ceremony for a new chapter I’m entering in my life. I sat myself in a grove of trees, which my wife and I call “The Three Sisters” because there are three massive cedar trees in a trinity. I began with a prayer offering and then the moment I sat down with my back against the trunk of one of these massive tree Mamas I heard a snapping of branches high above me where a huge limb of the tree snapped off and was falling directly towards me. It’s funny because I didn’t panic, I didn’t move, I just watched this branch sailing down and CRASH, it landed a foot to my left and blocked the entranceway to this grove of trees. It felt like the nature Spirits were saying to me, “Okay, you’re not leaving until we’re complete.”


I spent the next five hours breathing, praying, chanting, dancing and stretching. It was a very powerful afternoon. One of the major epiphanies I witnessed and experienced within myself was how powerful our minds are. I realized on a deeper level just how true Buddha’s statement is. It happened when I entered into being a witness of my experience. My eyes were unfocused and I stared out into the forest watching giant snowflakes fall from the sky. I then focused my vision in and would watch one individual snowflake fall from high up in the treetops all the way to the ground. It was pure magic.


As I was sitting there observing this beautiful scene, I realized that our thoughts are the same. We can focus all of our energy onto a negative, disempowering thought which causes us to feel low, unworthy and incapable of much. Or, we can focus our energy and intentions to cultivating thoughts that align with the energy of who we want to be, what we want to experience and how we want to feel. This takes more work because we have to take ourselves from being on autopilot to being conscious, but God it’s worth it.


I then took my experiment to another level. I said to myself, okay I am going to focus all my energy on feeling abundant right now. As I focused on abundance I felt grateful, inspired, I saw images of the people I love, I felt connected and alive. After a while I said to myself, okay lets switch gears. I’m going to focus on lack and limitation. As I dwelled on what was missing in my life I could feel my insecurities, doubts and confusion surface. It was a like a veil of fog was lifting over me. Fortunately I knew this was just a game (such as life) so I could reverse the damage and recreate the feelings of abundance quite quickly but WOW it was powerful! This autopilot negative thinking is what traps people in the experience of feeling horrible and disempowered in their lives. Truly, it’s our fearful, limiting thoughts that stop us from moving forward in the direction we want to go.


I am one who has practiced positive affirmations, presence and focus techniques to create what I want in my life for quite a few years. I have experienced a lot of dreams come to life and with this deepened awareness of myself and the power of my thoughts I feel incredibly confident that if we want something in life, we need to be disciplined with how we think. Letting our thoughts run ramped and believing everything we say is a death sentence to our dreams because lets face it, we all have IAmtheMiracleinner voices that doubt our power to be the Creator of our own Reality.


When you stop searching, everything will come to you. Be present because that’s where your power is. Your faith is reflected in your belief in yourself. Practice being brave and building your confidence. When you support yourself life will show up to support you too. Focus your life force on becoming the vision of who you want to be now. Feel the feelings in this moment. Ask what it would be like and live from that place. When you wake up in the morning everyday decide what kind of life you’re going to live and then be it. Know that it’s already done and now all you need to do is enjoy the journey.


Breathe. Intend what you want. Focus. Celebrate the magic.

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20 Questions that Will Help you Create your Reality

Based on my own life experience, I believe we have a lot more power to create our own Realities than we give ourselves credit for on a daily basis.  It is really easy to fall into the pattern of thinking the same stuff all the time and it’s even easier to think Aw shit, why me or not this when things don’t go the way we want.


I made a list of 20 simple, yet life-changing questions that will help you cultivate more magic in your daily life and stay on track for living the best life ever.  Print them out and use them often.  You are powerful.  Always remember that.


1) What do I really want?

This one is going to help you get clear, so you can actually say yes to the things you want and start saying no to all the other stuff.


2) What would it take?

Asking this question takes you away from the limitations of I can’t, that’s impossible or it won’t happen to me and turns it into a glimmer of hope, a possibility AND it allows the Universe to step in and show you how you CAN do what you’re wanting.


3) Who do I know or who do I know that knows someone who is the perfect person to help me with _______?

I am definitely getting better at discovering the most amazing resources that are already available in my life. This question is going to help you think of the people in your around you who may be the key ingredients for what it is you’re trying to create. It helps if you start by making a list of the people you know.


4) What’s the best that can happen?

Always and only ask for the best that can happen. Why settle for mediocracy when you have the power to create the most kickass life NOW!?


5) How can it get better than this?

When you start living in “The Magic Zone” where what you’ve been dreaming and intending starts to actually happen it’s good to keep asking this question to keep yourself in the flow and aligned with the best ever possibilities.


6) How may I serve the highest good in this situation?

Lets make a deal to always intend serving the highest good, no matter what we’re creating. Sometimes it’ll cause a little extra growth or work, but the reward is always worth it.


7) Is this choice for my highest good?

This one will help you say no when your friends want you to go out binge drinking with them. It will also help you say yes to that daily meditation practice or yoga class you’re on the fence about.


8) Will this be fun?

Design your life to be fun and start making fun a priority!


9) Will this choice be worth it?

Again, good-bye hangovers and hello bliss that comes from meditating everyday for the rest of your life.


10) What does my body want right now?

Probably water, lots of fresh air, maybe sleep, green vegetables and…?  Just keep asking this question and keep listening to the wisdom of your body. It knows best!


11) How would I feel if I had ___________ now?

This question helps you to harness the desired outcome as though it’s already done. Some call it pretending, but I call it creating my reality. We have to access the energetic frequency or consciousness to create what we want; so what better time than now?


12) In this moment, what is the reality I’m choosing to create?

Hopefully it’s the fun kind, rather than one of the super stressful kinds that most people choose.  Always a good one for checking in with yourself to see what you’re putting out.


13) What am I grateful for right now?

One of the most powerful practices we can embrace during the good, the bad and the mundane is gratitude.  There’s always something to be grateful for!


14) What is the lesson or wisdom I can gain from this experience?

Always take away as many lessons as you can so that history doesn’t have to repeat itself or if when it does, you know what to do. Future Self high five!


15) Is this belief, idea, etc my Absolute Truth?

This one helps us to unbelieve the things we believe that really don’t serve anymore because quite a bit of what we think is the truth is utter nonsense.  There, I said it.  


16) What would love do?

Usually love is busy being awesome doing stuff like forgiving, being gentler and sharing it’s high vibing self with everything and everyone, starting with itself. This is a good one to ask when dealing with people you don’t like.


17) As the Creator of my Reality, what kind of experiences am I creating today?

Starting your day with some sort of intention setting or prayer offering that helps you move forward through whatever experiences or obstacles is a great way to set yourself up for success.


18) Is this choice effecting my future positively or negatively?

This’ll get you thinking! hahaha


19) What answer or solution is right in front of me that I’m not seeing?

This goes back to the everything is already here now idea. If you have a challenge, then the solution is available right now. Digg deep and spend some time with it. You’re ridiculously powerful!


20) What question can I ask right now that will help me move forward?

Good questions create good answers. When we ask a question our subconscious mind begins to search obsessively for the best answer. At least that’s how I figure it must work…


NowalityHave fun living the best life ever and creating your reality!! I know this list will help you, so come back to it often.


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Number 1 Rule to Improv’ing your Life

Do you ever get pissed off or frustrated, uptight or stressed about what’s happening in the moment?  Do you notice how much friction or resistance your pissed offed’ness creates in your Nowality?  The number one rule to Improv’ing your Life is to say YES to what is happening in the moment.



ImprovYourLifeI have been playing a lot with Improv Comedy lately and over the years.  I love it.  It is one of the greatest life skills I have learned for going with the flow, navigating my life and the moment by practicing presence,  and shattering the ego by being utterly ridiculous.  I feel like my life is an improvised skit and the more I practice this art, the more I am bringing it into my everyday experiences, challenges, interactions and creative endeavours.  Not all my improvised moments are silly and funny, but what each has in common is the practice of being completely present and delivering the Medicine that is called for.  



So many people are disconnected from the magic of the moment because they’re distracted by thoughts or devices.  It’s quite funny when we go out in public and see a table of people in a restaurant all texting and not talking to each other or a person walking down the street texting, completely unaware of their environment.  We’ve lost our inherent ability to be in tune with our surroundings because of the information blasts and constant opportunity for distraction in our lives.  Umm, I wonder why we’re so stressed (haha)?  If we were living a couple hundred years back, we’d be getting our asses eaten by giant animals.  But now we’re getting eaten by stress and missing unimaginable opportunities to improve our life, make our dreams come true and interact or experience the world around us.  And fuck it’s magical!   Every setting or situation we are in is an opportunity to practice improv, strike up a conversation, do something ‘out there’ that pops people’s Reality Bubbles (which I love doing) and brings your unique flavour of Self expression to the environment.  We need to disconnect from our distractions and reconnect to the power of our Presence.



Improv is a great way to get to know the Universe and yourself because in every moment there is a flow.  That flow is communicating to us; it’s like an open doorway of possibility but usually we don’t act, speak or do anything because we’re afraid.  The reason so many of us struggle to make shit happen in our life is because we’re so used to doing the same thing, taking the same actions and following the same patterning in our minds day in and day out.  Improv’ing your life shatters the paradigm of fear and supports you to cultivate courage in the moment so you can act on those intuitive nudges and make magic happen. According to studies, during improv the brain deactivates the area involved in self-censoring, while cranking up the region linked with self-expression, essentially, the person improvising shuts down their inhibitions and lets their inner voice shine through.  (link to study)



If you truly want to Improv your life then do shit you don’t normally do, say yes to what you really want and dismiss the limiting fears that make you say, “what if, oh I can’t, oh if only.”  Screw it, just do it as Richard Branson says.  Take a risk, put yourself out there and dissolve the illusion within your mind that makes you miss the magic of the Divine, which is really just the Love, Aliveness and Flow that we can experience when we are connected to the here and now.  This is what creating our Nowality is all about.  Have fun practicing and stay super blessed as you pop those Reality Bubbles and wake up the world to how freakin’ magical this experience truly is.  



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Clearing Fears Around Money

Have you ever had fears, worries or anxiety around money? If yes, I dedicate this Journal entry, video and audio meditation practice to you. If you take the time right now to focus on you and your current Nowality, I will share with you some powerful ways to clear the fear and create amazing miracles of Abundance in your life. Is that worth thirty minutes of your time?



The thing is, when we are in fear mode, it stops us from thinking clearly and it certainly blocks our flow of communication with Spirit or our intuition. Life becomes a foggy haze and we’re unable to see our next steps with confidence and clarity.


It doesn’t have to be this way though. As an entrepreneur and Creator, I have gone through so many periods of challenge and financial strife and what has helped me to stay creatively inspired and open to pure possibility has been my daily Meditation practice, as well as certain clearing practices (which I demonstrate in this video). I created this particular “Clearing your Fears Around Money” Cowabunga Meditation as a dedication to those of you who are experiencing inner turmoil and fear right now. I want you to know that you are safe, supported by all of life and that you will get through this. Just breathe.


This meditation is going to help you clear the energy, beliefs and root causes of your fears and open you up to the Unlimited Abundance that makes up all of life and the whole Universe. Yup, it’s that good, so enjoy and please leave a comment below when you’ve completed the process and share this page with others.  




Download the ‘Clearing your Fears’ audio file for $10.



Here are 7 More Ways to Clear the Fear…


Go out into Nature and reconnect to what is Real. Taking a walk in the elements realigns our energetic, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies and opens us up to remembering more of who we are. If it’s warm enough or your brave enough, walking on the earth in your bare feet or laying on it naked has tons of scientifically proven health benefits too … so get connected.



Exercise, do Yoga and get the Qi moving.  When we’re afraid, our body constricts and stiffens which causes the Qi to stop flowing naturally.  Do something that moves your body and gets your energy going again, whether it be dance, yoga, exercise, hike, Qi Gong or any of your other favorite body movement practices. Having a body is a blessing and a miracle, so shake what your Cosmic Mama gave yah!



Write a Gratitude List and celebrate all that you do have in your life (like a Body).  Write down all the people, moments, experiences and blessings you have in your life and through acknowledging all of this abundance you raise your energy, which opens you up to creativity, new possibilities and greater levels of receiving.



Be of Service to another and give. When we’re in scarcity we often think we have nothing to offer, but if you look at the world around you you will surely find plenty of chances to share the love and gifts that you do have, which will make you feel amazing. Money is just an energetic exchange (gratitude) and so if you don’t have enough, perhaps you’re not contributing (this doesn’t apply to everyone, but perhaps it applies to you). How can you be of service today and amp up the love vibe on Planet Earth?



Simplify like a Mo’Fo and get rid of, sell or give away all the stuff that you don’t use or appreciate anymore. Release silly spending habits that dig you into a moneyless hole and start putting all that cash you’d normally spend into a jar or savings account. Enjoy how easy it is to save money when you enjoy the simple things in life.



Write a Letter to Yourself from your Future Self and tell your now self how kick ass life is in the future. Give some amazing future self advice, tell you that it’s all good and all works out and even offer some next steps that your present self can take right away to get through this current challenge.



Create, make music, do something artistic and allow for Spirit to move through you. Whether you consider yourself ‘good at art’, it is such a therapeutic way to relieve stress and enjoy the moment. Get out the paints, crayons, dusty guitar or whatever makes your heart sing and do that. 



A Special thanks to Blair Francis from who contributed the beautiful music to go with this meditation.  You can purchase his music at his website … I love you brother!



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My Prayer for this Day

I was asked to write a prayer the other day and here it is…


Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Son, Creator of All that Is, thank you for this day, thank you for this moment, thank you for this breath, thank you for hearing this prayer. I thank the ancestors of this land, the ancestors of the Earth who have walked before me and paved a path of Truth and Righteousness. I thank all of the directions, all the minerals, all the animals and all the magic that makes up life. Thank you.


Thank you Creator for this blessed life that I live, thank you for my healthy body, for the beautiful and brilliant people you bring into my life and for supporting me to open my heart more to what is Real, to love. Thank you Great Spirit for teaching me to be strong, radiant and grounded in my path and purpose. Thank you for bringing to me all that makes me passionate and for lovingly and gently guiding me forward.

I appreciate the Wisdom you have taught me and the lessons you gently teach me that help me to be my best self. I dedicate this day, this moment and this practice to being in Awe of the magic and mystery of this Life that I am living. I allow myself to see this experience through the eyes of love and to hear life around me through the ears of love. Thank you for supporting me to cultivate more creativity in my life and to cultivating more courage so that I may share my gifts with the world. I am so grateful for the joy you inspire in my daily life and in this day.

ChangeForBetterHelp me to navigate my challenges with ease, humour clarity and a Grounded perspective. Thank you for helping me grow. I am so grateful to be alive right now and always and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be Present with all of life. I release any part of my self, my mind, my patterns or beliefs that holds me back from being my most Awesome Self and I thank you for helping me to shed these layers and Embody my true perfection with such joy and celebration.

Creator, please guide me to be in service today. Guide me to help those that I can and to help myself. I love this life and i dedicate the goodness of my actions, thoughts and intentions on behalf of all my relations.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin/Amen/And So It Is/Cowabunga Namaste/♥

“The No Bullshit Steps to Creating your Reality”

In this video a living legend who goes by the name of “No Phony Bologna Tony” shares his “No Bullshit Steps Approach” to Creating your Reality (the Tony way). 


Learn to create your Nowality, the Tony way (Bullshit not included)…

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