Are you Tired of Struggling, Feeling Dissatisfied and Falling Short of What you Believe is Possible for your Life?

Are you ready to live in full alignment with your potential?

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Feeling dissatisfied only happens when you’re not living in alignment with your potential.

Clarity comes from listening and if you’re not taking the time to tune in, then how will you ever find the guidance and direction you’re looking for?

Confidence is something you gain over time from learning to follow through with your commitments and by showing up for yourself consistently.

To embody and live your life’s potential, you just need to create the healthy habits and mindsets. The rest is fun, easy and will take care of itself.

Welcome to the Cowabunga Vision Quest
a 40 day online journey guided by Bradley Morris

Welcome to the vision questLet me start by affirming, you are a powerful creator. Everything you see in your life is a result of your past thoughts, actions and beliefs. If you can accept that, then you can accept that everything you choose to think, believe and do in this moment moving forward will carve your future reality.

So what kind of life do you want to create for yourself?

Your Success will come through creating positive habits that empower you to live each day with clarity, intention and the ability to focus your energy in the direction you want to go. If you’re falling short of your desired outcomes then it is likely your energy is scattered or you’re not being clear with your intentions.

Confidence is not something you are not born with, it is something you cultivate as you learn to show up for yourself and your dreams. If you’re ready to experience the truth of how powerful you really are, then take this opportunity to show up for yourself for 40 straight days with these transformational meditation practices and daily exercises.

I guarantee you will never regret this investment of time and money.

Register to begin your Vision Quest on November 10th.

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Name your Price!

As a personal commitment to reach more people all across the world who have a desire to improve the quality of their life through my online eCourses, I have made this offering available to you at the price you want to or are able to pay.

The price that I would like to receive in exchange for all the time, energy and financial investment it took for me to build this eCourse is $197 … and I understand that not all people can afford that or would pay it, and so I put the power in your hands to ‘Name your Price’ based on the value you believe this is worth or can afford.

At the end of your 40 days you will receive an email from me with the opportunity to pay more money if you feel you received more value than what you paid.

Why Name your Price?

I’ll be honest, changing my business model to go from a fixed price to you naming your price was a big decision for me. I went back and forth for a long time and in the end, fear was the only thing stopping me from doing it. Fear of not making enough money to live, fear of ‘having to get a real job’, fear of doing something wrong, etc… 

But when I looked deep into my heart and asked, “What would love do?” I knew this was how I wanted to share my work.

I believe so much in who I am and what I have created here. I have seen my eCourses transform the lives of people from all over the world again and again and again.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, life is about trusting in the power of love and by putting my work out there for the people to decide their price, I let my love bless their lives and I open myself to allowing their love and gratitude to bless me in the way that feels authentic to them.

The way I look at it, I’d rather have 1000 happy customers pay $1 than five happy customers paying $197.

Sponsor Next Gen

Sponsor a Youth under 19 with your Registration!

My mission is to empower as many youth and young adults with the life skills I have learned to achieve success. So when you pay the $108 price you will sponsor one participant who is under 19 years old to do the Cowabunga Vision Quest, and by paying the full $197 you sponsor two Next Generation participants to take this journey with you. Imagine that, change your life and you change the world!

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Life is a Vision Quest…

Life is a vision questIt doesn’t matter what path you are walking in your life, we are all on our own unique vision quest of coming into our personal power. Whether you are a parent, athlete, artist or entrepreneur, you are on a journey of learning to live in balance, find your passions and show up to each moment as your best self.

The reason this is called the Cowabunga Vision Quest is because over the course of these 40 days as you unwind from the patterns of self sabotage and start to show up for yourself you will wake up to a whole new way of living your life that you never knew before.

Creating what you want requires more than just wishful, positive thinking. It will require altering your perspectives on life and upgrading your daily habits. It doesn’t need to be a struggle though! If you’re open to it, I would love to help you make these shifts as fun and easy as possible.

This 40 day eJourney is definitely for you if…

  • You are fed up with unfulfilled dreams and you’re ready to become a conscious creator,
  • You are tired of experiencing energy dips and you want to know what it feels like to live like the Energizer Bunny,
  • You’re done with the cycle of struggle in your life and you’re really finally ready to thrive in every way possible,
  • You are praying for clarity and direction in your life and you’re ready to start listening so you can get it,
  • You are lacking confidence in yourself when it comes to creating your dreams and living up to your potential and could use some support so you can find your stride again,
  • You feel anxious about the future and are unhappy about your present circumstances,
  • You have gone through the Level 1: Experience Meditation eCourse with Bradley Morris and are ready for your next level and set of practices that bring you even more into alignment with your power and path.

Hundreds of people from more than 20 countries have completed the Cowabunga Vision Quest. Read some of their success stories below!

Danielle“This experience opened my heart and spirit up to myself.

I feel more energized, grateful, connected, and loving just by showing up for myself and breathing – it is crazy amazing!!!

It has helped me focus on what my higher purpose really is and how I can synchronize myself to it. It has also reminded me to soak in every moment because LIFE IS AWESOME!

I am so grateful for this experience, it is completely life-changing and I hope for everyone to experience this as well!”

- Denielle Dechampes, Serves at Noorish Cafe in Edmonton AB

“After completing this epic 40 day journey with Brad Morris there have been some serious side effects… Here are the top five of my experience:

  1. Mega clarity around what I want to be doing in my life.
  2. The courage to follow my path’s guidance and speak my truth.
  3. Experiencing calmness of the mind and greater alignment with the heart.
  4. Being ridiculously in love with life and with the people in my life.
  5. Being overwhelmed with profound gratitude and appreciation for this gift of life.”

- Kelsey Grant is a Life Coach & Host of Awesomeness Advantage from Vancouver

“The life of fear and insecurity I once lived is no longer here…It’s been about a year since I was introduced to Cowabunga Life.

It’s made a big difference in my life, helping me grow into a regular meditation practice.

The life of fear and insecurity I once lived is no longer here…it’s been replaced with a life of love and gratitude!

And it just keeps getting better!!”

- Aimee Little, San Anselmo is the Manager at 10,000 Degrees Education in California

“I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and this has been the single most effective thing I’ve done to manage it in years.

This was an incredibly valuable investment into my own well being, resilience, and sense of calm.

This experience has had an enormously positive impact on my mental health and self-confidence.

It has reminded me how wonderful it is to feel positive, grateful, and strong, and has taught me the skills to access those feelings whenever I need to.”

- Sarah works with Women in Transition in Toronto

AnnaHricko“I never expected it to do all the way but once I started it surprised me how it took me in. The more I did it the better I felt about myself and my view about others around me was changing as well.

I started to tolerate things I normally would not, meditation had definitely calmed me down.

Worries I had before our trip to Europe were disappearing and everything was sorting out so easily!

Meditation was something I did not believe in much and now I can tell IT WORKS!!!

Brad´s instructions and tutorial are so easy to follow you just don´t want to stop listening to his magic voice. I just loved it. Big, big THANK YOU Brad!”

- Anna Hricko is a Mother in Australia

Monika“Making the commitment to do the Cowabunga 40 Day Vision Quest was one of my best decisions yet.

It has really helped me to make big shifts in my life, and I’ve been reminded of the absolute, sacred importance of actually slowing down and taking time out for ME.

Having finished the 40 Day Vision Quest, I feel very well equipped to continue on my Life’s journey with these meditations as tools to help me through any situation.

There is just such a diversity in what Brad offers, andI feel that there’s certainly something there for everyone.

I’ve found that even those meditations that didn’t quite resonate with me during the first week or two of the Journey are becoming quite relevant and useful in my life now.

That said, I expect that I’ll be feeling drawn to different meditations at different times in my life, and I’m so excited and thankful that I’ve taken the time to learn them!

A big big big massive thank you to Brad, who kept me motivated and inspired throughout the Journey. Words can’t describe how awesome this whole experience was”

- Monika Hricko is a student in Australia

“The Cowabunga Life 40 Day Journey is amazing! I liked how Brad opened me up to explore my voice though the sound meditations, and I truly appreciate the love he puts into the program.

I tend to find more moments of stillness in my days now that I have finished the program. The meditations have also helped me become for aware of my breath during my yoga practice.

I definitely recommend that everyone do the 40 Day Journey at least once in their life!”

- Jackie is a Yoga Teacher in Edmonton

Laurie“Along the way I laughed, I cried and I found clarity.

Brad’s 40-day journey challenged me to let go and listen to my inner guide.

I really enjoyed Brad’s laid back, happy-go-lucky style. Thanks Brad for teaching me the benefits of meditation!”

- Laurie lives her life’s adventure in Colorado

Tricia“This experience has shown me that i am exactly where i am supposed to be. It has made me calmer, able to sit longer and to go on some beautiful journeys of discovery about myself, where i was holding some old stuff and to explore my true self.

I love myself more, feel more confident about what i am doing and have complete faith that the universe will put me exactly where i need to be at the perfect time.

I recommend this vision quest to anyone no matter where you are on your path… is a very beneficial process.

I treasure all of the meditations I have saved and will continue to do them because they just make me feel good and happy and WORTHWHILE!”

- Tricia Farrell is a Holistic Nutritionist in Colorado

“It is in the name: COWABUNGA!! What a journey, what a mind-numbing and heart-expanding experience!

Through ups and downs over the passed 40 days, I have grown to appreciate myself more, especially the tranquility of the soul, feeling that all is awesome!

My trust in ME (!) is “returning” and so is the patience that comes with remembering the love that I am!

THANK YOU… I am blessed with having come in contact with you and having participated in this 40 day adventure. I will “see” you in my future meditative states!”

- Arne is a Geologist in  Australia

“The course is meant for people who have a strong intention to establish a meditation practice… If your desire is strong, this course is a great way to get to know a few different ways to meditate.

You get enough practice time to find out which one appeals most to you.

I found mine for this year and I will keep on doing it for sure!”

- Sabine is a Spiritual Teacher in Germany

“I am ever so grateful to you for putting your work out there. I encourage anyone who has the least bit of interest in reconnecting with their inner power through meditations or other means to see to Brad.

For the last three plus months I have been meditating more frequently, now I am up to twice a day most days.

Two weeks ago I realized how much the experience has deepened when I was doing the Deep Chakra Cleanse… Just this week I have gotten to the point where I have started doing my own meditations, rather than Brad’s audio meditations.

This goes to show the power of what you do Brad, you are helping people open to their inner power.”

- Rutger is an Entrepreneur in Amsterdam

“This 40 day journey is appropriate for all people, whether they have never mediated before or have been meditating for a long time.

Each practice helps to raise our consciousness, vibrations, and connect us to God or Spirit, and all beings.

I wish everyone would try a practice like this.

There is no way to be unhappy once you have experienced the love and light that will come to you through the meditations, chanting, and journeys Brad has offered.

- Gina G works for an IT Company in Chicago

“Its a fun way to start a basic daily practice. You’ll see the positive effects of meditation with the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and tap into the depth of experience you are sharing.

THANK YOU for enhancing and sweetening my Path! ”

-  Clay is a Care Worker in Sedona AZ

MattBradley” I reviewed my answers to the questions at the beginning of the process and realized I was in a pretty negative space.

The 40 days gave me a sense of gratitude and hope that there are answers, wisdom, creativeness, and peace that is accessible within me.

It opened a window into a different way of being, and that is exceptional. Thanks Brad!”

- Matt is a Pilot on Vancouver Island.

Name your Price & Register for the November 10th Launch!

Name your Price

Included in your Tuition:

  • No Time -  Power Yoga Мeditation40 Days of guided, transformational Meditations & support so you can embody higher levels of clarity and personal power.
  • 2 Video Tutorials Per Week (10 in total) where I’ll teach you powerful new Meditation techniques that you’re going to be practicing throughout the week and on your deeper Sunday Sessions.
  • 10 Guided Audio Meditations (10 in total) with amazing original meditation music by Blair Francis.
  • Daily Email Inspirations with stories and journaling exercises that support your transformational process.
  • A Private, Online Community of Vision Questers from all around the world who are growing through this life-changing experience with you.
  • Lifetime Access so you may re-do the Cowabunga Vision Quest as many times as you wish for free.

About the Meditations you will Practice:

Each week is broken up into themes and these themes will be the focus for your daily Cowabunga Meditation practice and exercises. The techniques you’ll be learning & practicing over the weeks include:

  • flower of life meditationCowabunga Breath practices that will cleanse your energy, get you connected in your body and energize your cells.
  • Toning Meditations that will raise your energy levels, activate your creativity and empower you to vocalize your truth in the world.
  • Energy Awareness Techniques that will help you tune into the subtle messages from your body & cells to heal old beliefs, patterns and your physical body.
  • Cowabunga Visioning Processes that will help provide mega clarity for your life’s vision and the next steps you are to take.
  • Chanting practices that will blast your heart wide open and inspire you to live your day-to-day life radiant and filled with joy.
  • Practicing Mantra so you can cleanse, purify and reprogram your subconscious mind in powerful, positive ways.

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About my own Personal Vision Quest

BradHeadShotAs an entrepreneur, athlete, husband and teacher, I understand how challenging it can be to fulfill your dreams. I know how frustrating it is to have life’s demands take precedence over your own passions and how discouraged you can get when you continually fall short of your goals.

I also know how much more powerful and focused you are when you create the daily habits and rhythms that support you to thrive and succeed. That was the purpose for why I created the Cowabunga Vision Quest in the first place. I am committed to supporting you to upgrade your life and  live your potential.

I have facilitated more than 450 meditation and human potential workshops and guided thousands of clients to uplevel their lives and embody their potential. If you are ready to become the person you need to be in order to live your dreams, then sign up for the Cowabunga Vision Quest. I promise you’ll never regret it.