The Day I Accepted My Laziness

The Day I Accepted My Laziness

All my life I was called lazy; by my parents (who rock), my brother, my friends in school and the voices in my head.

Laziness meaning, “not willing to work or be energetic” was a pretty accurate description for how I was. I found it very difficult to get motivated when I was in school. In fact, in my second year of college I skipped the majority of my classes and instead went golfing. I was also a slacker at most of the jobs I worked, always doing the bare minimum and as a kid I would have done anything to get out of my chores.

Yup, I was pretty lazy (about stuff I didn’t care about)…

When I dropped out of college (after my 2nd year) and started my journey as an entrepreneur (as a way to pursue my dream of playing professional golf) I learned quickly that there was no room for laziness any longer.

Being lazy meant not eating, not having freedom and feeling incredibly stressed.

Because not only did I have to learn how to file my taxes, I also had to:

  • Make my own meals
  • Figure out how to make money doing what I loved,
  • Question Who I Am and what life is all about,
  • Own my shit, heal, grow, work on myself
  • Deal with other humans who had their own agendas,
  • Learn how to separate the lights from the darks when doing my laundry,
  • Take care of with my lifelong bucket list and never-ending to-do’s,
  • Learn what it means to be a strong, loving, creative man and husband,
  • Find ways to offer my gifts, market my services and make money by growing a business that I love, makes me proud & has a positive impact in the world,
  • WHILE pursuing my creative passions and dream of playing professional golf.

I know that may not sound lazy, but that nagging voice taunted me for years, playing like a broken record in my head: “I’m so lazy. I should be doing more. Blah blah blah.”

Every time I heard it, I would resist and feel like I needed to do more, work harder, spend more hours staring at my computer screen “trying to make something happen,” just so I could feel “productive” at the end of the day.

It was really quite silly.

One day I had a wonderful realization though…

My laziness is a gift!

I didn’t want to get a 9-5 job and do the same thing for forty years.

I didn’t want to wait until retirement to have a sense of freedom.

I didn’t want to waste my energy learning stuff that doesn’t matter to me.

I was and am lazy in all the right ways!

Because I’m lazy and couldn’t find fulfillment working a regular job, the only two options I saw were 1) get into business for myself doing what makes me come alive and figure it out as I go OR 2) be homeless (which was something I seriously considered many times).

When I got into business for myself and started teaching, I quickly realized that marketing and leading 150-200 workshops as well as organizing and guiding several destination retreats per year also wasn’t going to provide me the time and freedom I desired.

As cool as it was, I got burnt out.

It was weird because everything I was doing, I wanted to be doing — but still, it became unfulfilling. When I searched inside myself while on my own vision quest in Peru, the answer became clear. I didn’t have the time, energy or resources to pursue my other passions. Professional golf was just a pipe dream — in fact, I wasn’t even playing golf at that time. I was ‘just getting by.’

Don’t get me wrong, that chapter did serve a huge purpose. Because I taught more than 500 workshops over the course of 3 or 4 years, I gained tons of valuable experience, life lessons, community connections, business lessons AND the tools that became my first eCourses. But I was soon ready for more…

MY DESIRE IS to be able to do whatever I want, when I want, with enough money coming in from my businesses to support my desired lifestyle and dream of playing Professional golf. What I found when I got truly honest with myself was this deep-rooted anxiety, resentment and disappointment every time I had to book a client or workshop in my schedule because it meant I was trading my time again.

Being lazy is what actually inspired me to start making eCourses.

I know that sounds funny because I have dedicated hundreds, if not thousands of hours into learning, creating and launching my eCourses and now coaching others to do the same for themselves.

However, I KNEW in every fibre of my being that when I had a massive epiphany at the Temple of the Moon in Peru, that me turning all of my workshop content and coaching processes into eCourses was my path to freedom.

I saw clearly that creating eCourses was the creative solution that would allow me to serve people in the ways I love, enjoy and am good at without needing to trade my valuable time.

For the last four years I have been dedicated to figuring it out … and guess what? The hard work, focus, dedication, positive attitude, friendships, intentions, imagination and all the other ingredients I used to get here are now paying off! Yay!

Creating eCourses has freed up my time, makes me more money and allows me the freedom to design my life and business how I’ve always dreamed.

It’s really a very cool feeling.

So back to being lazy. My laziness has made it impossible for me to work hard at stuff I don’t enjoy. My DNA and cells literally shut down if I try.

“Being Lazy” has been a good thing because…

  • It has taught me to chill out and enjoy my life, no matter what I am doing or not doing.
  • It has freed up my time to be “unLazy” doing the stuff I do enjoy and am passionate about (I actually get stoked about “working” now).
  • It has gotten me to take a look at my life, choices and habits and weed out the things I really don’t want, so I can take it easy and go a bit slower doing the stuff I do enjoy. (Priorities are such a wonderful thing!)
  • It has made me look at “hard working people” who are unhappy and decide I want to enjoy my life; hard working or not.
  • It has taught me to be extremely focused when I am working, so I can work efficiently, productively and in less time — therefore having more time for other awesome things or nothing at all!
  • It has driven me to create five kick-ass, transformational eCourses that have benefitted the lives of people in more than 25 countries (while I golf, sleep, make love or create my next eCourse).
  • It has set my Future Self up to work less, play more and change the world doing it (while playing professional golf and spending loads of time with my family and friends)

So on this day I celebrate my laziness. As a lazy person I have become a productive, fulfilled and in my definition of success, a “Successful Person.”

So if you’re afraid of looking lazy or being lazy, take a closer look at WHY you’re lazy.

Are you enjoying the thing you think you “should be doing?” Are there other things you want to do more? Do you actually show up and do those things you want to do when you have the spare time? If not, why?

My recommendation is to prioritize your life like never before. Rearrange everything if you have to. Once that is done you will never complain again that you don’t have enough time to do the things you love because you’ll be doing them all the time (Living in Alignment).This is when everything changes…

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