21 Day Meditation Makeover

21 Day Meditation Makeover

Being Stressed & Ungrounded all the Time doesn’t Serve Anyone
I never knew how happy, Creative and empowered I could be until I really embodied my daily practice of breath work and meditation into my Life. Many years down the road I look back on where I was and who I’ve become and I am so ridiculously grateful for the journey that’s led me to here and Now.

One of my greatest joys is seeing how lit up on Life people become when they say yes to the adventure of Cowabunga Meditating everyday as a healthy habit to happiness. I still laugh when I hear people say “I can’t meditate” or “Meditation isn’t for me.” To me, it’s like saying “I”m not into Breathing” or “Life just isn’t my thing.” I just gotta laugh!

If you’re someone who is digging on the Cowabunga vibes and you’d be stoked to feel a whole lot better, clearer, more grounded and vibrant than you do in this Now moment, then I invite you to come play on the Cowabunga side and take this 21 day inner adventure with me and many others from all around the world.

About the 21 Day Meditation Makeover:
BreathLifeAccording to many scientific studies, it takes 21 days for us to break a habit. The purpose of the Meditation Makeover is to support you to unwind from stressful thoughts, habits & patterns in your life through the daily Cowabunga Meditations you will practice.

Each day you will also receive inspired, thought-provoking articles & videos plus transformational exercises and questions. These all weave into the themes of the weeks and the magic of the whole process.

About the Meditations you’ll Practice:
You will have three main meditations that you’ll be practicing over the course of these 21 days, each surrounding a specific theme…

WEEK 1: “Unwinding from your Stress”
This week is about unwinding your body, your mind and your Life from stressful thoughts, stress-causing addictions, shallow breathing patterns and relationships that are bringing you down, starting with yourself.

WEEK 2: “HeartCentered Awareness”
This week is about grounding into your Body & connecting to the Earth Energy so you can Be present with your Heart’s innate intelligence and wisdom, helping you to align with your Heart’s highest Truth.

WEEK 3: “Embodiment Practice”
This week supports you to embody your authentic State of Being. Not sure what that is? It is who you really are. It is Power, Wisdom, Abundance, Peace, Loving Compassion & all these wonderful things that feel authentic, natural and good for the Soul.

Have you Heard About the Meditation Effect?
One of the things that inspired me to create another online meditation experience was actually the pain and grief I experienced after the bombs went off in Boston. When I heard the news I went walking in the forest by our house. I felt so small and helpless and as I made my tobacco offering I prayed to be shown what I could to to be a part of the solution. I didn’t get an answer that day, but the next morning I received a message from David Wilcock in my inbox which I believe was an answer to my prayers.

David was saying that more than 50 different scientific studies have confirmed the Meditation Effect is real. Basically what the studies say is that when 7000 people get together and meditate global terrorism goes down by 72 percent. Similarly dramatic decreases were seen in war, fatalities and violent crime.

Now is the time more than ever to Meditate everyday and hold the frequency of Peace for the World. With all that is happening in the world levels of fear, grief, worry, paranoia, blame & hatred are only going to increase and so WE NEED more people grounding the energy of Love, Peace & Compassion into ourselves and the Earth. The world doesn’t need more security, it needs more Peaceful, Centered Humans…

This is what inspires me to keep creating and sharing meditation. Lets be some of those 7000 people!

About Bradley Morris…
BradBioPicBradley Morris, of Cowabunga Life and creator of the Cowabunga Vision Quest has an incredibly unique perspective on life. Brad stands out even more when it comes to his philosophies on sharing Meditation. His laid back, playful, yet potent teaching style goes straight to the heart, making meditation a fun, easy experience. Brad’s gift is getting all levels of meditators excited about their daily Peace Pause.

His journey as a teacher began in 2007 when he and a buddy launched a video called ‘The Gratitude Dance’ on Youtube. From there he has spoken at conferences across North America, led Spiritual Adventures in Hawaii, Mexico & Peru, taught more than 300 meditation workshops to thousands of people around the world and launched the online 40 day meditation adventure known as The Cowabunga Vision Quest. Join the Dude for transformational good times…

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