What’s the Point of Pointing Fingers?

What’s the Point of Pointing Fingers?

What’s the point of pointing at people with our pointy fingers when they have seemingly done something wrong in our eyes?

Rather than pointing out the obvious, can we not make a point to explore what life must be like in their body, circumstances and experience and if we were on point with this presence practice that invoked compassion perhaps we’d reach a point where we only pointed the finger back at our own hearts and minds when we feel effected by another person’s actions, thoughts, words or beliefs.

What if we used those as opportunities to explore more deeply the pain points within our very own body, mind, psyche and being so that we could heal ourselves and learn to be kind and gentle to others by practicing pointing out the parts in people that are good, positive and admirable.

So rather than pointing, let us open. Rather than constricting, let us soften. Rather than raging, let us find love no matter what it takes to come to that place.

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