Peru – Nov 2011

Peru – Nov 2011

A TEN Day Epic Journey in Peru
November 25 – December 4, 2011

Our 2011 trip to Peru is going to take you through some of the most epic experiences that  very few people get to do in their entire life-times!  In 11 memorable and full-on extraordinary days you can expect to…

  • Take two consciousness expanding medicine journeys with a two authentic Peruvian Shamans,
  • Fly over the edge of a Sacred Valley mountain and paraglide into a new sense of Freedom,
  • Camp in a lush Peruvian Jungle on a White Water Rafting trip like no other,
  • Soak in some bubblin’ Sacred Valley hot springs,
  • Dial in on a meditation practice that serves your Spirit and can be taken with you wherever you go,
  • Have an intimate adventure with new-found family who love, support, accept and will be friends forever,
  • Ground into the Sacredness of Machu Picchu and Huaynu Picchu,
  • Break out of life-sucking habits and patterns and re-create what it means to TRULY BE ALIVE!

DAY 1 (Friday, November 25) ARRIVAL into CUSCO ~ ANDEAN WINGS HOTEL
We begin this adventure on a New Moon. Enjoy the day relaxing, meeting new friends or exploring the city of Cusco right outside your door. In the evening we will have a group dinner and an orientation to the upcoming 10 days together and our San Pedro journey tomorrow.

DAY 2 (Saturday, November 26) San Pedro Ceremony
Today we journey with the San Pedro Cactus in a private mountain sanctuary high above Cusco. A local Shaman will conduct the ceremony and we will receive blessings from Queros Tribe members. This journey opens the inner eye & heart up to so much of what goes unseen and felt.

DAY 3 (Sunday, November 27) Santa Maria Camping/Rafting/Mountain Biking Adventure

Today we begin our trek to Machu Picchu. We will leave Cusco and the Andean Wings Hotel and spend the day mountain biking, White Water Rafting and/or “hot-springing!” We camp in the jungle this evening. All equipment is provided and an alternative hostel is available if the weather is inclement.

DAY 4 (Monday, November 28) Santa Teresa Adventure
Today we hike through the Santa Teresa jungle and enjoy a canopy zip line. We will again camp in the jungle this evening (or stay in a hostel if the weather is inclement).

DAY 5 (Tuesday, November 29) Aguas Calientes
We travel from the jungle to Aquas Calientes and visit the Mandor Waterfall along the way. Upon arrival to our hotel, we will have a talk with our guide and go to bed early for our full day at Machu and Huaynu Picchu tomorrow.

DAY 6 (Wednesday, November 30) Machu Picchu
Arise early to catch the first bus to Machu Picchu to be one of the first 400 to enter and get a stamp to walk up Huaynu Picchu. Watch the sun rise and enjoy a guided tour of Machu Picchu followed by a short trek up Huaynu Picchu for a guided meditation journey. Return to Cusco in the late afternoon by train.

DAY 7 (Thursday, December 1) Tandem Paragliding in the Sacred Valley
Today we step over the edge and soar with the Condors as we adventure to the Sacred Valley for tandem paragliding during the day and a powerful Meditation program in the evening.

DAY 8 (Friday, December 2) – Ayahuasca Ceremony in Cusco (night-time)
Enjoy yoga, meditation and relaxing to prepare for our Ayahuasca journey this evening. We will again be at the private mountain house sanctuary where we enjoyed the San Pedro ceremony. This ceremony takes place at night and we will spend the night in the Maloka this evening savoring the medicine.

Enjoy breakfast and an integration circle at the Mountain house. We will return to the Andean Wings Hotel and have free time in the afternoon followed by yoga and meditation. We will pack up for tomorrow’s departure and enjoy our evening celebration dinner.

Our home base during this 10-day adventure is the beautiful Andean Wings Boutique Hotel. Charming and majestic, it is located in a 300-year-old restored colonial house in the heart of Cusco, just blocks from the Center Plaza. The Andean Wings Hotel provides all the accommodations of a modern five-star hotel with many simple and luxurious pleasures. Each room is carefully and originally decorated.

We will also spend one night in a hotel in Agua Calientes during our excursion to Machu Picchu, two nights camping during our jungle excursion and one night at the private Maloka for our Ayahuasca ceremony. Everything you need is provided for you on each of these excursions. We will also be able to leave extra belongings locked up at the Andean Wings Hotel while we are out adventuring.

Meet your Tour Guides

Founder of Cowabunga Life and facilitator of retreats in Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and the USA – BradiDude is always up for an adventure! As someone who has learned to make following his Bliss his daily operating pattern, Brad is a great leader for these trips. He will guide you through powerful healing meditations, workshops and life-expanding experiences. These retreats are everything he’s ever wanted to do and a gift to those who courageously say yes and step into the unknown. More about Brad…

Brad’s infectious, positive, vibes are felt from the moment that the retreat begins. His gentle, vibrant, energy is packed with compassion and enthusiasm, while his teachings are life transforming and loaded with wisdom. Brad makes getting up in the morning a pure joy. Anyone who has the pleasure to share time with him feels the authenticity of his passion in sharing the gifts of GRATITUDE ! – Mari Filippone, Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Rebecca Stuchen is a long time resident of Arizona and a perpetual Entrepreneur. With many successful businesses in her wake, her current new paradigm support company, Destination Bliss, promotes conscious people, places, and products and produces transformational retreats, epic travel adventures and work(play)shops. More on Rebecca here…

Daphne believes in celebrating life! She teaches Moksha Yoga at various studios throughout B.C. and Alberta, and she will be guiding you through your beautiful Peruvian yoga classes. Daphne is excited to explore Peru with you and to help you deepen ( or begin!) your yoga practice. She provides a safe, fun and playful atmosphere to challenge yourself, and expand your scope of what really is possible, body, mind, and spirit…. “ When you open your mind and lead with your heart, the Universe shows you all of the amazing opportunities before you, and how magnificent life really is, all you have to do is say YES!”.

8 Promises for you if you join us on this adventure:

You will have a Shift in Consciousness: You will see your life through new, more optimistic, compassionate, child-like eyes.

You will experience the Flow All you gotta do is sign-up, show up and PLAY for ten straight days of life-transforming processes! All the meals, details and adventures are taken care of all this trip needs is your YES!

You will experience the Adventure of Life to the fullest When was the last time you were invited to paraglide, zip-line, white water raft, climb Machu Picchu, Mountain bike, journey with the “real-deal Shamans of South America” and hike through wild jungles in Peru…..all within ten days? This is your invite to step out of your comfort zone, do some things you’ve never tried and see what living is really about.

You will receive so much more value than what you actually pay. The wisdom, adventures, relationships and experiences you will gain from this trip will undeniably be worth far more than what you’re actually paying in money.

You will deepen your Practice of Meditation and Yoga. How healthy & beneficial would ten days of regular meditation, yoga, journaling, life-visioning and ceremony be for your body, heart, mind and Spirit? Your connection to Self, Nature, the Spirit world and those you are in relation with will deepen and be enriched an unmeasurable amount from this experience.

You will find your Tribe. Not only are the accommodations amazing and the adventures exhilarating BUT on top of that, you’re going to be traveling with the coolest crew of people from all over the map. This will be the safest, most nurturing environment to do some of your life’s greatest processing. Join your Soul Fam!

You will heal and release patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve. We are packing an ALL-STAR team of leaders & healers who will be guiding your journey of Self-Discovery. Because it’ll be intimate, you’ll be getting TONS of one-on-one time with each of us to work out the kinks in your life in order to step into your fullest vision & Self!

You will open up to Love. It’s all about building more love within ourselves so we can bring that into the world. Not only do WE need it, but the world needs us to create it within, harness it and share it. You will be surrounded in Love for 10 straight days, which is the ultimate place to work through anything that challenges you in life.

The Sacred Valley & Cusco’s Climate
Peru’s climate can be divided into two seasons: wet and dry. Most days range from 60-70 degrees and nights range from 35-50 degrees. We will be traveling during the transition from the dry season to the wet season. In the Andes, the wet season lasts from November until April. During November a few scattered showers followed by sunshine can be expected each day.
A rain poncho or jacket is highly recommended. Extra layers of clothing at night and something warm to sleep in especially for camping and ceremony night is also recommended.

What to Wear for your Cowabunga Adventure to Peru
NOTHING…just kidding! For late November in Peru, plan to bring waterproof rain gear and waterproof walking shoes and/or hiking boots. Bring ONLY casual clothing. Clothes that dry quickly are advisable. Laundry can be done inexpensively and a laundry service is available at the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel. Dressing in layers is highly recommended. We will have many planned and spontaneous guided yoga, stretching and meditation classes so comfortable, stretchy clothes are important on this adventure!

Travel Health Tips
Utilize this upcoming adventure to get into good physical condition. We will be in high altitudes for the entire adventure and there will be times when we hike up paths and steps of ruins all while at a high altitude.

A good fitness level will help you acclimate quickly and enhance your journey. In addition to doing extra cardiovascular conditioning and stretching before the trip, we recommend a steady daily intake of superfoods and supplements such as MSM, Maca, Green powders and Vitamin C. To enhance your stamina, immunity and physical health during this excursion, we encourage you to bring your own supply of superfoods and supplements. Drink lots of water before, during and after your flight into Cusco. Coca leaves and coca leaf tea is readily available throughout Peru and is highly recommended to counteract the high altitude.

We will be at an altitude of 8,000 to 12,000 feet for our entire journey. Coca tea is readily available at our hotel throughout our stay and greatly assists with altitude discomfort. Superfoods that assist with acclimating to the altitude are maca, which can be found at the markets in Cusco, gingko, rhodiola rosea (a super herb from Asia) and cordyceps (mushrooms). Homeopathic remedies for altitude discomfort also work well for many people. Your local health store can assist you with this medicine. Ginger is also helpful for those who may feel nauseous. It is entirely up to the discretion of each participant if you wish to bring such remedies or over the counter medication for altitude discomfort. It is very important to rest when you first arrive in Cusco and drink a lot of water and coca tea to acclimate on the first day.

Drinking Water
Bottled water is readily available everywhere in Peru/Cusco. It is entirely up to each participant as to whether or not to bring antibiotics to kill infectious bacteria or other medications used to manage diarrhea symptoms.

Immunizations are not required when traveling in Peru. It is entirely up to the discretion of each participant to receive or not receive immunizations recommended by a doctor and their intuition.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
There are no refunds for cancellations made within 90 days of our departure date (August 25, 2011) $500 of all purchases are 100% NON-refundable. Because our prepayments are non-refundable, our cancellation policy is firm. We highly encourage the purchase of travel insurance.

What’s included in your Cowabunga Adventure Ticket?
*Private transport to & from the Cusco airport to the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel on November 25th and December 3rd. (If you arrive days earlier or later than our start/completion dates, you are responsible for you own transportation to the hotel).
*Private local guides for all of our tours and adventures.
*All meditation, lectures and yoga classes offered by Brad Morris and the Cowabunga sacred service team.
*2 sacred plant medicine ceremonies (1 San Pedro / 1 Ayahuasca) with private Shamans.
*All transportation & entrance fees to sites we visit including Machu Picchu
*Vista-dome train ticket
*Accommodations: 5 nights  Andean Wings Boutique Hotel in Cusco; 1 night  Hotel El Presidente in Aguas Calientes (or similar); 1 night  the private Maloca where we are having our Ayahuasca ceremony and 2 nights of camping/hostels while hiking in the jungle.
*Almost all of our meals with a few exceptions while we are on the road. Suggestions will be given and most likely our group will dine together or in smaller groups.

What’s NOT included in your Cowabunga Adventure Ticket?
*International & Local Peruvian flights (you are responsible for getting yourself to and from Cusco on November 25th and December 3rd)
*Airport Taxes (approximately $50 USD total ~ subject to change)
*Any additional Peruvian Taxes (minimal – varies with services chosen – i.e.: spa treatments)
*Tips for private guides (plan for approximately $100 USD total. We will pool together our tips to give to our drivers, guides & Shamans at the end of the retreat)
*Laundry or optional massages or spa services
*Personal one-on-one healing sessions with our Shamans

Self – Responsibility
This experience is for those who take responsibility for themselves and embrace the opportunity to expand their beliefs, dissolve limited thinking and awaken their heart to vibrant health and radiant living. Those who tend to complain, blame others and fear life will find this experience out of their natural comfort zone.

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