An Entrepreneur’s Dream Quest

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Quest

A message from Bradley Morris:
Many say 2012 is the year for a Planetary shift of some sort. So many in the collective conscious are focusing on this and there’s no denying the growing awareness of all that is Wrong and unjust in our world. Something is definitely brewing! Everyday I meet new people on the path who had a sudden awakening or epiphany where it’s like seeing life, themselves and the world with whole new eyes. A lot of these people grew up with ‘regular’ families in a ‘normal’ school system and then BAM, the next thing they know NONE of it makes sense anymore …

Whether your light bulb has recently switched on or your someone who has been working the front lines of positive change for a while, I honor your journey of arriving here and ask you these three questions about your future this year and beyond. Questions so crucial, they could re-direct the course of your life in the coming moments, weeks, months and years.

Breathe deep, clear your day and let go of all your pre-conceived thoughts. Arrive in your heart and use YOUR intuition as you read on … Nod your head if any of these questions resonate with you…

1) Do you believe that you are here on Planet Earth for a mission & purpose greater than your Self??
2) Are you in search of a breakthrough experience that helps you to see yourself with eyes of love and share your gifts with a whole new, grounded perspective?
3) Would you be willing to dedicate about 30 minutes a day if it meant activating your purpose, potential and a whole new exciting chapter in your life?

If you said YES to any of these questions, I have an invitation for you to join me on an Epic Vision Quest that will open you up to remembering the Love that you are so you can d0 what you’re really here to do ….

About my Personal Vision Quest
A Vision Quest, known to many Native American Tribes is a turning point or rite of passage for One to find themselves, their Spiritual direction and path in Life. Has your life been a Vision Quest of self discovery lately? I know mine has been…

Even though I am not Native American, I do strongly believe in the power of ritual and having a steady practice of connecting to the Earth, our own Self and the Spirit of Life that is breathing into us every moment. This may sound foreign or weird to you, I know seven years ago this type of lingo would have went right over my head. But since 2005 my life has been a non-stop, action packed, Vision Quest adventure. I have been on a conquest to face my fears, know Myself and share my ultimate gifts.

Through walking my path clumsily in the darkness of the unknown, I have slipped, fallen, smashed my face and gotten up again and again. I have fallen to my knees in tears, praying for an answer, asking to be shown the Truth and begging for guidance so many times. I have gotten angry at Life when times got tougher than I thought could handle and I have laughed until I cried all of those times when the answers just ‘POOF’ – magically appeared.
This entire process has been a journey of remembering. Remembering that my greatest gift to Humanity is not in what I do, but in Who I Am and how I show up in each moment.

Who I AM now has NOTHING to do with who I have been. And who I Am becoming has EVERYTHING to do with who I Am BEING right in this very moment and in all moments. For me, this is a Journey of becoming the Love that I Am.

Since 2009 I have guided hundreds of groups and thousands of people through life-changing inner journeys. During these incredible experiences people would re-connect with their hearts, purposes, passions, intuition and authentic Self.

The results of these meditation journeys was truly amazing, however as the leader of this community I had a lot of people depending on me to show up 2-3 times per week to facilitate their experience. I felt like a drug dealer and the drug people were coming for was inner peace.

In 2011, I was in the mountains of Peru on my own Vision Quest and was guided to create something that empowered people to direct their own life and self-cultivate the peace, clarity, creativity and strength they need in order to live, breathe & serve their purpose.

So that’s what I’ve done. I am honored and excited to share this life changing process with you, which I believe in my heart will transform your inner and outer worlds. By taking this 40 Vision Quest with me, you will step into the place of being an Awakened Leader. First, in your own life & reality and then with the clarity, wisdom and understand that you will gain, out into the greater world.

Testimonial from Kelsey Grant, Vancouver
“After completing this epic 40 day journey with Brad Morris there have been some serious side effects…

Here are the top five of my experience:

1. Mega clarity around what I want to be doing in my life.

2. The courage to follow my path’s guidance and speak my truth.

3. Experiencing calmness of the mind and greater alignment with the heart.

4. Being ridiculously in love with life and with the people in my life.

5. Being overwhelmed with profound gratitude and appreciation for this gift of life.

So all of you who are curious in checking out the magic of a meditative practice give this 40 Day Journey a go, it’ll change your life!”
A little bit more about Brad Morris…

World adventurer, spiritual comedian, social entrepreneur, meditation guide and lover of life, Brad Morris is on a mission to raise the love vibe globally through his inner-vative approach to making life more fun, sacred and fulfilling. He supports people to live their most awesome life by helping them activate their greatest gifts and courageously share them with the world. This dude also likes to laugh, so he stirs the giggle pot by creating Conscious Comedy skits online.

Bradley takes his passion for personal growth, adventure and travel by leading groups on wild and transformational spiritual adventures around the world, such as Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, and Canada. He is a regular author with FinerMinds Blog and Yoganonymous! He has impacted countless lives world-wide on the big stage as a speaker, as well as through leading hundreds of meditation groups, workshops and adventures.

Now is your opportunity to activate the next level of your life by taking an empowering 40 Day Vision Quest lead by Brad Morris. This dude is authentically ‘being the change’ by simply living his Cowabunga Life … are you ready to live your most Awesome Life for the highest good of our Planet? Lets do this … Cowabunga-style!

Cowabunga Life’s 40 Day Vision Quest
This 40 Day Journey is more than just a meditation program. It is a 40 day Vision Quest where you will go through a rite of passage in your own life, which brings you clarity, understanding and alignment with your higher calling. This journey is for people like you who are waking up and showing up, wanting to serve the Higher Good during these times. I have learned through my own journey and challenges just how important it is that each of us takes the time to align our energy, intentions and Spirit with what we want to create and who we are choosing to Be. This takes daily practice of checking in and being present. Life is going to test us and through these daily practices for the next 40 Days you will learn how to navigate your own life, discover your Destiny and give your greatest gifts to serve the world!

This is NOT something scary. This experience will open you up to more love, laughter and joy. This Vision Quest is a daily practice of remembering and celebrating the magic of life & the magic within you. It will playfully remind you what it’s like to live each day in a state of awe for all the gifts you’re given and lessons before you. Through this daily habit of celebrating yourself, The Earth and each breath, you will awaken to a deeper connection and sense of purpose. You will become aware of the magic of all your interconnected experiences, the mystery of the Universe and the preciousness of this beautiful adventure of being alive!

This program will teach you REAL tools that keep you in that high-vibing state of appreciation, celebration and activation so you can give that beautiful energy to others. The process is only 40 days but the benefits will last a life-time!

Your Power is in your Heart and Hands…
Life is a labyrinth of distractions, temptations and possibilities. In Truth, there are no wrong choices. There are only choices that will make us happy and choices that will make us unhappy. The trickiest part of this maze that goes round and round is that everyone wants to give you directions, tell you where to go and what to do. Unfortunately no body in the Universe knows you, your Heart, your purpose and your calling like you do.

It is up to you to meditate and pray everyday. It is up to you to ask the questions that will open your mind to the answers. It is up to you to laugh, cry, forgive, listen, let go, have Faith, believe and show up for yourself … no body else can do it but you. That’s why this is YOUR Vision Quest.

This Vision Quest has been designed to guide you back to your innate wisdom so you can be confident, clear & calm within the storm of our crazy world. The process is powerful because it is everyday for 40 days; a number commonly celebrated in many of the worlds’ Spiritual Traditions as a period of transformation, awakening and re-Birth …

Every Monday a new group begins their inner adventure, so you won’t be alone. I am here with open arms ready to guide you and support your way through this new chapter in your life.

Throughout this 40 Day process you will receive 10 video tutorials, 10 audio journeys, plus email inspiration, guidance and support. Watch the video above to better understand the whole picture, process, techniques & how it works!

The Change is Permanent & Guaranteed…
The coolest part of all is that the results are permanent because once you move through a daily practice like this for 40 days it becomes a pattern and the feelings of peace actually create an imprint in your mind that you fall in love with and want for yourself. Isn’t that an awesome addiction to have? Peace, love, purpose, clarity and laughter everyday!

Now it’s important that you realize these types of results are 100% dependent on YOU. I GUARANTEE this journey will offer all of the benefits mentioned on this page and more WHEN you show up for yourself everyday with a positive attitude, open mind and child like curiosity…

WEEK 1: The Breath
When we breathe with Conscious Awareness, the barriers of separation fall away. The Breath reminds us that we all need to breathe to live and that we’re all breathing the same Life-Force. The Breath brings us into the present moment where we can find creative solutions to our challenges, gain perspective, calm our emotional storms and step away from our obsessive compulsive ‘doing,’ which takes us farther and farther away from our Purpose. The Breath connects us to the Spirit of Life that blows in the wind and gives us Truth Bumps when we remember how blessed being alive truly is. This entire week focuses on breath activations that raise your energy, clear your mind and help you to experience the peace that exists when you live in the present moment…

Many yoga and meditation paths refer to this practice as “Pranayama.” This means voluntary breath control and refers to inhalation, retention and exhalation. The Science of Breathing case study written by Sarah Novotny and Len Kravitz, Ph.D shares that this practice of conscious breath work directly liberates energy in the body. It is also proven to positively effect immune function, hybertension, asthma, autonomic nervous system imbalances and pyschological or stress-related disorders. There is so much scientific research being done to back these claims, but the ultimate way to know the Truth is to TRY for yourself…

WEEK 2: Chakra Cleansing & Sound Healing
Through the powerful act of cleansing our chakras we consciously raise our own vibrations to levels that change how we think, feel and see all our experiences. When our body is a finely tuned instrument for playing the game of life all of our problems and imbalances naturally fall away over time. As Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.” So rather than focusing on the problem, raise your vibration to higher states of being and liberate your own life! Finally science is beginning to support this ‘out-there’ concept that sound can heal. As Dr Mitchell Gaynor, author of “The Healing Power of Sound” says, “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.”

Week 3: The Magic is Within
Through exploring and listening to the wisdom of our body’s we harness the power to heal ourselves, overcome our fears and remember the miracle that we are. This entire week focuses on directing your awareness into areas of pain or discomfort within your physical body. Through the powerful art of listening and commanding change you will gently and easily free blocked, stuck and stagnant energy that may have been causing you troubles in your body, health and life for a long, long time.

Research from people like Candace Pert is now showing that all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are filtered, and memories stored, through the molecules of emotions, mostly the neuropeptides and their receptors, at every level of the body & mind. Basically she and other scientists believe that our body is our subconscious mind and by liberating those old stuck energies within our cellular memory we can heal our body and liberate our lives!

WEEK 4: Dreaming in your Cowabunga Life
Now that your energy is clear and your blocks have been removed (or they’re at least manageable), it is now time to connect and listen to your intuition. This week will be dedicated to asking powerful questions that may re-direct the course of your life. When we tune into our own inner GPS, rather than the voices of the outer world we open ourselves up to our deepest Truths and our purpose for being here. You will be meditating on the questions that nobody else in the world can answer but you….

It is now a well-known fact that we stimulate the same brain regions when we visualize an action and when we actually perform that same action. For example, when you visualize wiggling your toes, it stimulates the same part of the brain that is activated when you actually wiggle your toes. This shared area of brain activation when we imagine an action and perform it has been demonstrated extensively in the scientific literature. Imagine how your life would transform if you spent time everyday visualizing what you want to create in your life, getting clearer on the details and embodying the feelings of having it now. This whole week is dedicated to imagining your future and intuiting your highest and best path…

WEEK 5: Opening your Heart to Love
What is a Life without Love? Love is something that needs to be self-generated in order for it to last. Most of us have learned to seek it outside of ourselves, which is a constant battle of giving and receiving. When we learn to activate the love that is alive but sometimes dormant, in all 60 Trillion cells of our body we can step into the experience of overflowing with this energy and THAT is when we can give fully of our gifts and live fully every moment. So now that you’re cleansed, clearer on your life’s path and next steps to take, it’s time to open your heart up to our True Essence…the Real You…the One who is made of Love.

Sans-krit is the language of mantra—words of power that are subtly attuned to the unseen harmonies of the matrix of creation (AKA the Universe). Sanskrit being one of the most ancient languages is commonly practiced in the Vedic Traditions and Yoga World. If you’ve attended most modern day yoga classes, you may have heard your teacher sing a funny song with words you didn’t understand but for some unknown reason made you feel really good inside. What you heard was more than likely a Sanskrit Mantra. This week you’ll be chanting your heart out and opening it to a Love you may not have known possible through an ancient Sanskrit Mantra that has been practiced for thousands of years. This mantra has truly changed my life forever and I am excited for you to experience it as well…

What you will get out of this 40 Day Vision Quest…
Through this 40 Day guided exploration you will go through a powerful metamorphosis naturally causing you to…
-> Be more present, grounded, aware and in the flow.
-> Feel deeper, more meaningful connections in your relationships with others, nature and Yourself.
-> Get yourself out of funks faster by raising your own vibes higher.
-> Find a sense of peace with your past and confidence to deal with your challenges.
-> Celebrate each day and experience like the gift that it is.
-> Treat each day like a new adventure and see the world through new eyes.
-> Let go of old patterns that have sabotaged your health, happiness or success.
-> Have clarity and direction that comes from being connected and in-tune with your body’s natural rhythms and intuition.
-> Take your life to the next level and start sharing your gifts with the world.

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