Online Course Creation DEMYSTIFIED!

Do you want to create an eCourse, but have no clue where to start or how to make it happen? I have launched five of my own eCourses that are now in more than 25 countries and have created this FREE eCourse to help coaches, conscious creators and transformational facilitators create and launch their first eCourse.

My Level I: Experience Meditation eCourse is for you if you are new to meditation or have tried certain practices but haven’t found one that resonates fully.

This eCourse is all about taking the “you-time” everyday to practice being present, connecting to your breath, exploring some simple (and profound) meditation techniques and reLearning to live each day with gratitude and intention.

When you’re finished this 21 day process you’ll have established a healthy habit of meditation in your life that you love and look forward to … and you’ll be ready for my Level II eCourse; The Cowabunga Vision Quest.Name your Price and get registered today…

My Level II eCourse is for those looking to go deeper into their meditation practice. This 40 day vision quest will teach you some of the more advanced techniques that have learned, practiced and taught over the course of this last decade. With more than a dozen transformational techniques, plus daily breakthrough journaling exercises, you will come through this 40 day vision quest feeling alive, clear on your path and with so many new tools to support you on your way.

I encourage you to do my Level I: Experience Meditation eCourse before doing your Vision Quest.

This is an invitation to dream. And we mean dream BIG! We encourage you to write an incredible, detailed vision for your life and who you’re here to be.

The Life Alignment Process is an online 30 day guided experience that includes a combination of Sacred Ceremony, Coaching Exercises, Visioning Processes, Dream Mapping, Affirmative Prayer and Realigning Lifestyle choices.

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