As a life and business coach, I help entrepreneurs create their visions, mothers to live more in balance, young adults to discover and pursue their passions, athletes to play their game in the zone and brilliant creative types to step into their power and share their gifts with the world.

I offer both private coaching and retreats for people are determined, committed and 100% devoted to their path of personal greatness.

My coaching services and private retreats are only for the curious and adventurous. You must be ready and willing to change, grow, be resilient, accountable and totally responsible for your actions and inactions. You must love the idea of making friends with your fear and GOING FOR IT with everything you’ve got (whatever IT is for you)!

eCourse Creation Blueprint + Membership

I have successfully launched multiple eCourses that are positively impacting the lives of thousands of people in more than 20 countries and I’ve coached other activated leaders to launch eCourses of their own. Fun stuff!

At the moment a big part of my work is teaching conscious entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, transformational facilitators, life coaches and leaders to turn their work, wisdom and processes into automated online eCourses and programs.

I have an eCourse Creation Membership that currently has more than 45 amazing creators all working to ‘get launched this year.’ It’s an awesome community and this is some of the funnest, most fulfilling work I’ve ever done in my life.

Soul Fam Productions

In an advertising dominant culture, companies and content creators need to be innovative, creative and entertaining in order to reach their market with their product or message.

At Soul Fam Pro, we are on a mission to support activated humans and conscious companies to get the word out about who you are and what you do, by producing high quality music videos, skits, songs, as well as eCourses or online programs that educate, entertain and inspire your audience.

Though Bradley T Morris and Blair Francis are the founders of Soul Fam Pro, we are much more than that. We are a collective of musicians, artists, actors, teachers, entrepreneurs and creators who care about the world and want to make a positive difference.

We come together to make powerful, memorable and catchy videos, songs and multimedia productions for the purpose of uplifting the audience and getting your message across.

Life Alignment Retreats for Couples

Bradley and Celeste are excited to facilitate a transformational two and a half day Life Alignment Process for committed couples, which will support you to:

  • Gain crystal clarity on your core dreams and desires as individuals and as a couple
  • Merge your energies and visions so they are synchronized and supportive of one another other
  • Stoke your creative fires by focusing solely on what you want most in life
  • Dream out loud without any restrictions or limitations
  • Clear all obstacles in the way through a powerful “Letting Go Ceremony”
  • Set yourself up to succeed by creating supportive practices and rituals in your daily life which align with the energy of your dreams

Speaking, Workshops, Retreats & Interviews

Bradley Morris has facilitated more than 500 meditation and human potential workshops, shared a stage with teachers such as Bruce Lipton, Michael Beckwith, James Twymann and many others.

He has led Adventure Retreats in Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, BC and taught meditations at three David Wolfe Retreats.

Plus he has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people world-wide through his online courses.

Whether it’s working with Bradley in an interview, retreat or conference, your audience will be blown away by the potency of his teaching style and the humour that comes with it.

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