Sometimes my Fears get so Intense

Sometimes my Fears get so Intense

Sometimes my fears get so intense. It’s like my heart is in a vice grip and it’s squeezing all of the optimism and positivity out of me.

Fortunately this has happened enough times over my lifetime to know that those fears are not me. They are not my truth. They are seeds that were planted at one point or another and I choose not to give them my power any longer.

This is why I celebrate my fears and the anxiety that tends to come with them. Because when it’s on the surface, in my face and surging through my blood, I am aware. I can see it, feel it and connect to it’s consciousness.

When I am aware, I have the power to do something. I can listen to it. I can hear it’s voice which is not my own. Through my presence, breath and softening my body I am able to see the energy for what it is. Lies. All lies. Once I know this I can change the pattern.

Even though in those moments of feeling afraid and constricted it is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but at least I am aware. At least I understand the cause of my unhappiness, stress or suffering. And fortunately the cause of this unhappiness is a belief and with a shift in perception, an upgrade in perspective, perhaps a breath activation or establishing a positive new habit, I am able to shift myself and transform my own consciousness and therefore my own life and the world around me.

Sometimes this is an easy task and only takes a moment to shrug off my old world views, but other times for that deeper stuff it can be a whole day or weekend dedicated to purifying myself and releasing the old paradigm.

The thing that I find helps me the most is my daily practices of meditation, breath, stretching deeply, lots of time sitting or laying in nature, practicing my ‘thank you’ mantra and softening into my heart by taking a lighter approach to life and myself. The consistent rhythms are what keep my energy consistent, even when I’m growing through yet another internal wave of resistance and surrender. It’s like inhaling and exhaling.

This year seems to have had a lot of those days. For this, I am grateful because I don’t know if there are many things in life that feel better than the afterglow of a great Spiritual, physical and emotional purge. The sleep that follows is wonderfully blissful.

Good ol’ Earth sure is going through a purge right now. She and We are releasing the old, letting go of all that no longer serves and cleansing ourselves of the fear that once ran this place. I embrace the changes that are upon us, the seeming chaos of it all and I allow myself to soften into what I believe is True.

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