Everything you Want you Already Are

Everything you Want you Already Are

Everything I want, I already am. The act of imagining the desired state is one of the most important ingredients in the creation process. As I close my eyes and breathe conscious breaths into my body, I create the space inside of myself to be the embodied presence of what I want most right now. As I feel the feelings of being it here and now I bring this energy into my Nowality (now-reality). This is how I create. This is where my power is.

Where people tend to go off course in the creation process is by wanting it right now and when it doesn’t arrive in egoic timing, they give up on the dream and say, “Ah well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be” and then go on to settle for something less. However, creating our reality, lifestyle and dreams the way we want them to be is not a fast food service. It is a lifestyle process. It is an unfolding evolution of who we are. We need to be 100% dedicated.

By fully saying “Yes,” and settling for nothing less than this vision of what we want and by dedicating our life force, energy, intentions and prayers to this path of growth, we set into motion the elements that are going to support us on our journey. As we commit to this experience we draw to us the people, experiences, synchronicities, opportunities and the events to us. Each element is its own puzzle piece in the bigger picture of our life.

Just because we haven’t attained our desired goal now does not mean we’re not going to. It simply means that we’re on the path and where we are in this moment is just a stop along the way. The only way we will ever achieve “the goal” is by being it now. As we cultivate presence in our lives we can learn to embody the qualities of the person that we know we must be in order to fulfill the highest vision of what we can imagine. Basically, we must make success a habit. With clarity we can begin to adopt the practices and patterns in our life that the “Higher Us” would choose. As we make these conscious changes by being present we shift gears and move confidently in the direction of our desires.

Revealation in manEvery thought, action, and intention is aligning or misaligning with what we want and so if we’re not getting the results we want, just look at the choices we’re making, the language we’re using (in thought and speech) and it will be easy to see why we’re missing our target. By adjusting our daily habits with practice and repetition we powerfully set ourselves in motion to succeed. Where so many people struggle is by saying they want one thing but all their actions, thoughts, and habits demonstrate the complete opposite.

Meditation has been the hub in my life that has supported me to stay grounded, self aware and centred throughout my journey of growth and conscious change. By continuing to come back to myself I am able to sense the bigger picture through the many unknowns along the way.

The most beautiful thing is, as we activate our own potential and create our dreams we serve others by activating that same possibility within them to consciously create what they want too.

If you are to take something away from this reading it is this. Get off the computer and be present with yourself. Practice aligning your actions, intentions and lifestyle choices with who you want to be and what you want in life. It begins with this breath, this moment, these thoughts and this choice. It always has and alway will.

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