ABC’s of Success

ABC’s of Success

The first video I ever launched went viral. Ironically, I had only found out about this wonderful website called, Youtube just a few months before the video went live…

It all started with a good idea that sounded like a whole lot of fun to create. From there a couple buddies and I put together a rough plan (but mostly winged it). Next we spent two long days going around Victoria BC telling people it was International Gratitude Dance Day and asked if they would dance with us for a video we’re making to celebrate the day. And presto, this was the simple formula for how we created the Gratitude Dance.

There was no desire to ‘go viral’ or anything like that… Our main intention was to spread the positive energy of gratitude to more people in the world.

I never could have imagined the adventures it would take me on and the new path in life and business it would lead me down when Matthew Ashdown said to me, “Lets put that on Youtube” after I did a silly dance in the middle of a crowded coffee shop back in 2007…

and you can never know what magic will unfold IF you should choose to say yes and follow through 100% with your big, silly, fun, brilliant, out of the box ideas…

For a long time after creating the Gratitude Dance I (and we) “tried” to recreate that magic by making another viral “something”. But it didn’t happen and it actually couldn’t. I wanted it too bad. My energy of wanting it SO MUCH pushed it away and blocked the possibility. It took away the purity of intent that went into creating the original gratitude dance.

I think very few viral videos are ever created by the creators of it saying, “Hmmm, I wonder what we could create today that will go viral on Youtube?” NO! They start with a moment of inspiration and then a whole bunch of action, passion and follow through…

Dropping this “trying to do something big” energy has been a big breakthrough for me as an entrepreneur and creator. Letting go of this attachment and pressure for my creations and work to “go big” has allowed me to just create for the sake of self learning, Soul expression, service and enjoyment (phew)!

This simple, yet life-changing lesson is where I got the inspiration for my entire philosophy, The ABC’s of Success.

Always Be Creating!
I am a Creator. I am here to create my dreams, I am here to create positive transformation within myself and on Planet Earth, I am here to create health within myself, I am here to create prosperity for all I am in relationship with, I am here to create love all around me, I am here to create what I want in life. Everything I do has to do with creating SOMETHING.

Instead of “trying to do something big,” just create… and then keep on creating. Create what feels awesome in this moment and chapter in life.

The more I create (meditation tracks, eCourses, workshops, videos, music, blogs, inspiring art on Facebook and higher levels of health and well being within myself):

  • the more I learn about myself and grow
  • the more successful I become in my business
  • the more fulfilled I am in my life
  • the more confident and empowered I feel in my body
  • the more I am able to serve others
  • the more I feel like myself

Everything we do in life gives us the opportunity to learn about ourself, life, the Universe and this whole wild experience called being human. So I say to you good friend, ABC = Always Be Creating. Activate, learn, grow, Create, express, share, Inspire!

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