Are you Dreaming a Dream of Future Fantasy?

Are you Dreaming a Dream of Future Fantasy?

Are you dreaming a dream of future fantasy or living a magical life grounded in reality?

The future holds nothing of value. True wealth is in the present. What we do with our time (our greatest asset) determines the life we are living. In all our now moments we are given an infinite number of choices and so many of us waste these moments unable to make up our minds about what to do with the incredible amount of freedom we actually have.

We can literally do anything. So many fear this truth. We make up excuses, say we have these so-called responsibilities, we try to jail ourselves in so life can feel safe and certain. But nothing is certain. We could get hit by an astroid in five minutes and everything would be over. If that happened, would you be satisfied with how you lived your last days or would you regret not living more fully?

Living fully doesn’t mean we have to jump out of an airplane, start a multi-million dollar world changing business or become the next famous something or other. What is more important is to do what is most important to ourselves as individuals; to become fully enrolled in our passions. What is more important is to spend quality time with the people we love most and who make us feel blessed.

There is so much mumbo thrown around about having a life purpose. Honestly, a lot of it is people trying to make money off of other people who feel lost. Sorry, it’s sad and true.

But what if our purpose is to simply bring our presence to as many moments as we can; to soak in the scenery, to dance through our experiences, to live so fully alive through all the ups and downs of our life journey?
Billions of years of evolution have brought us to this moment. Let us not take it for granted because like all things, it too shal pass. The rest of our lives will pass in the blink of an eye. How do you want to live these final moments? What energy-sucking elements of your life are you fed up with and committed to letting go of, despite the immediate consequences or unknowns?

What we do everyday is our foundation for how our life will be. We generally have the same patterns day in and day out which cause us to react to life a certain way, make choices the way we do, view the world in a limiting way and believe the things we believe. Sometimes these patterns are so contradictory to what we want though. It is these self-defeating patterns that actually cause most of our pain, suffering and anger … because we’re doing it to ourselves. Ouch.

We must be strong if we wish to be fulfilled, inspired and present to the magic. There are so many distractions and energy vampires in this world that take us away from what’s most important, which is why we need to know what we want in our life. Knowing what we want can take stripping our life down to the core (utter simplicity) to find out what’s actually important. This is why sometimes our greatest blessing is losing everything.

Breakthrough Exercise:

If you do not know what you want, start by writing down all of the things you know you don’t want (based on what you’re experiencing or have experienced in your life). Once you have a big long list, get a new piece of paper and start fresh. Go through the “shit list” one by one and write down the opposite thing of what you don’t want in a positive, affirmative statement on your new piece of paper.

For example, I don’t want all these health problems would become, I am creating vibrant health in my body through the positive choices I make everyday.

Once you have flipped your whole list create another list that is titled, “Immediate Action” where you can write down the practices, habits and steps you can start taking to support yourself with your new commitments and life inspired choices. Following these instructions will cause a positive upward spiral. Guaranteed.

If you already know what you want, then the test is actually showing up and doing it, living it and being it everyday in every moment. Don’t let those distractions sway you from your course. Be strong, rooted, powerful, focused and clear. Do this and all good things will come to you. You will be blessed and fulfilled as you hopefully already know.

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