Create your Foundation for Success

Create your Foundation for Success

Imagine your biggest, wildest dream that you can possibly envision for your life coming true. Wait. Now actually take a moment to jot down some of the details of this dream that you’re clear in this moment (important step).
What is this wild and crazy dream? As you envision yourself in the picture how do you look? What is the emotion that is stirred as you imagine this dream? If you can zoom in on the picture, what is the reflection you see in your eyes?

Now rewind from that future moment in time to this present moment. Look at your reflection in the computer screen or a nearby mirror. Take a few moments to breathe and be present with the you that you are right now. Before you start beating yourself up, reaching for the bag of cookies to drown your doubts or open your Facebook window to distract yourself from yourself … just breathe. Remind yourself of the truth of who you are.

“I Am Strong. I Am Powerful. I Can Do this. I was Born for this.”
The absolute, 100% truth of the matter is, whatever you might be dreaming you CAN create if you really want to. The other truth is that it is going to take some time and a whole lot of discipline as you begin to direct your energy and focus towards the outcome you desire. What you’re dreaming is not some simple task like going to the grocery store and getting some raw chocolate (unless it is), you are thinking about a vision for your life. The highest vision that you can imagine right now.

So as you accept that you are where you are in life and that there may be a lot of steps along the way before the full vision becomes manifest, ask yourself these questions (and jot down your immediate thoughts)…

Who must I become in order to have this vision?
What do I need to let go of in my life to make space for what I do want?
What daily practices or habits do I need to create for myself to keep me grounded, focused and moving forward?

Who do I know (whether friend or online inspiration) that I would want to coach or mentor me through this process, even if it’s just following their blog?
What is my first step of action to take today towards my vision?

What is the step after that?
Am I committed to the journey that lies ahead (maybe means no)?

Man bathed in light and roadwayMost people usually get intimidated by the massive daunting list of to-do’s and unknowns that lie before them and so they never begin the long journey of creating their dreams. Don’t let yourself be tricked though. Nobody knows how to create their dreams … NOBODY! The only thing you need to know is your next step to take. Every morning in your meditation practice ask yourself for your one next step today. As you get better at following through with your next steps you may be given multiple tasks to take on … but ultimately if you take one step everyday you will eventually arrive to the golden gates of your heart’s desire. It begins now and it starts with you.

It is your daily practices and habits that will lay down the foundation for your success from the inside out, because success is a feeling, it is a state of being, an energy of confidence … NOT the end result.

Confidence is something you build over time, not something you ?should have or weren’t born with’. It just takes practice at following through and celebrating your little successes.

The dream fulfilled is the result of all the inner work you will do along the way to creating your reality how you want it to be. It is the shattering of limitations, illusions and ideas you have about yourself and the elevation of your consciousness that MUST happen on the road to creating what you want.

There is no way around it, there is no ?easy path’ like many of us wish. If it is to be, then you will have to face all of your fears and thoughts that say you can’t, that it is not possible and that you are unworthy. OR, you can choose option ?B’ and walk away from your dreams with your metaphorical tail between your legs, drown your sorrows with excessive partying, too much TV and junk food.

But I have a feeling you’ve read this far because you didn’t birth yourself on Earth to live a mediocre life. You came here to be extraordinary, right? So stop taking no, I can’t or it’ll never happen as your excuse for not trying and start writing out your vision, your list of to-dos and start taking the action that you have clarity on. By committing 100% you create this energy and power around you that makes miracles happen. This is how you harness the power of the Universe to meet your every need (when it’s needed, not when you think you need it).

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