Want It? Then Claim It Commit and Become!

Want It? Then Claim It Commit and Become!

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If we want something but don’t actually claim it, then it will never be.

So many people unconsciously claim mediocrity, less than their potential and a life they don’t want. Why? This path of not having to live up to who we really are appears safer than digging deep, deciding what we want and putting ourselves “out there” to be seen and judged. But is it really?

It takes great courage, vulnerability and trust (in ourselves, life and our vision) to do what it takes to make our dreams come true, no matter how big or small. We risk our false securities (steady paycheque, benefits, safety net, approval from friends) and even more difficult, we risk looking stupid and having all those people who said we couldn’t do it come back to us and say, “I told you so.”

The fear of being humiliated is one of our biggest stumbling blocks to moving forward. It stops so many of us from ever even writing down what we want on paper. The whiny voice inside our head says things like, “I don’t know how to do that, what’s the point or only lucky people get what they want.” These are just cop-outs though.

Only people who are bold enough to dream and brave enough to act get what they want in life.

Our pride is dangerous. It causes so many brilliant people to dim their light to the stature society wants them to be; small, weak and nice. The fear of screwing up, looking bad or failing runs deep through our veins. It makes us shrink so much that we never get to know or experience our true power.

But the ghost of our true potential never dies. It reminds us everyday of what we are capable of and no amount of numbing or distracting ourselves will take that away. But we try. We let ourselves get sucked into cycles of pointless drama and self sabotage, never really moving towards anything that fulfills us.

Unless we want to die riddled with regrets, then the running away needs to stop. We must eventually make a choice. So why not make it now? Claim it.

A good place to start meditating and then writing down the vision for what you want. Release all limitations that you’ve placed on yourself. What do you really, actually want? If this question and freedom to choose makes you feel uncomfortable, then breathe into it and dream anyways. Write it down with pen and paper (not fingers and keyboard). This written process is the first step of turning your thoughts, ideas and intentions into a physical reality.

My theory and experience is the kinaesthetic act of writing it on paper takes it from “etheric thought energy to something physical and tangible.”

So what do you know you want? Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it. That doesn’t matter in this moment. Write it down as a thank you statement as though it’s already done.

For example: instead of saying, “I want good health,” say, “I am so grateful that I am filled with life and that I bounce out of bed in the morning excited, energized and inspired for the day ahead. Can you feel the difference?

Deep Though PicThere’s no wrong desires, so get any shame you have about wanting what you want out of your head. That’s just old programming that doesn’t serve you. Let that shit go. On the journey of creating any dream we will learn, grow and often times our dream will change along the way due to our own transformation. This is totally natural. Just write down your NOW vision and and let it grow from there.

Once our vision is claimed for the next year, expand it to the next ten years. This takes us out of month-to-month scarcity where we are worrying about next months rent and supports us to see the big picture as we grow towards it. Every challenge then becomes our friend, supporting us to our highest potential. My wife and I just spent an entire month doing an ongoing ceremony where we got crystal clear on our next decade, so if you don’t get it in a day, don’t worry!

Choose your vision and own it fully by dedicating each day, action, choice, thought, relationship and moment to the fulfillment of that desire. In other words, live in alignment.

To help you digest and integrate this lesson into your life, share in the comments below what sentence resonated most with you and why.  Then pass this along to your favourite humans to soak in the inspiration as well.

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