What are you Mastering in 2015?

What are you Mastering in 2015?

A new beginning, new year and new now. Are you ready to have the best, most successful, activating year of your life? Do you have a plan to make that happen?

Think back five years. Imagine a thing you really wanted to do but for some reason didn’t. What was it? Now imagine, how far along you would be right now if you would have overcame the resistance and started back then.

What is something you really want to become Masterful at in your life? (write it down) How many hours do you think you would need to dedicate to practicing it? What would you be willing to give up so that you have more time to dedicate to this? What part of your life would you need to change to fulfill your highest potential with this dream? (write down your answers)

Start here. Start now. In five years you’re mind will be blown at how much your life has changed and how much ground you’ve covered. There will be short term sacrifices for your longterm gain. Just begin and incorporate this thing into your everyday life.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to set new patterns, habits and schedules.

My question for you is who are you going to choose to be in 2015? What new rhythms will you create to support that?

04d79c7e-7301-4f70-9e85-a73706b22a07For me, it’s the year of being a super human. I am focusing on body alignment, strength training and living the life of a conscious athlete (specifically training for golf). I am committed to my daily practices, I am taking massive quantities of the best whole food and hemp supplements on the planet from Conscious Planet and to show life I mean business, I even quit coffee for the year (that’s huge for me).

In business, I am focused on only two projects so that I can use all of my creativity, focus and resources to channel my energy on these two things that bring me joy (and abundance). If you want to succeed, my suggestion is to only focus on 1-2 projects at a time until they are complete and running themselves.

If you haven’t taken time yet, write down the answers to the questions in this article. Don’t let yourself walk too far into this year without a goal and plan.

I am so stoked for the big life lessons 2014 brought and I am beyond stoked to have the most fun possible growing my dreams (and helping you grow your’s) in 2015!

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