8 Presence Practices for the Activated Entrepreneur

8 Presence Practices for the Activated Entrepreneur

It is in the small, simple practices that we do day in and day out that true success will become inevitable. We always look for the next big breakthrough or big thing to take us to the next level of success, however our foundation is not built on the big things, it is built upon small things that we do consistently … and if we do not have a strong foundation built we will crumble under the pressure when those big things happen. I know from personal experience.


As a guest speaker for the March ManTalks event in Vancouver, I was asked to write a piece on presence for the conscious entrepreneur. My hopes are that these eight simple presence practices will get you looking at your life, your habits and hopefully inspire you to make a few minor improvements which create a huge positive ripple in the long run with your life and business.

Here are 8 Presence Practices that will help you live your life and run your business with more presence, personal power and appreciation for the gift of life.

Do Something you Enjoy Everyday: I usually wake up before the sun (something I had to train myself to do and now love). I spend the first hour of my day stretching, strength training and enjoying a short meditation practice. I then grab my smoothies and head to the golf course for 18 holes with my buddy Ted and dog Sasha (yup, I play at a course that allows dogs). Golf is my four hour presence practice everyday and as I train to play professional it is really teaching me to step up my game in all aspects of my life. By the time I get home from playing I’ve already had a super fulfilling day and I’m ready to dive into my work. This practice of filling my cup first thing in the AM is a great way to live a fully activated life and become a magnet for awesome people and experiences because of the happy energy I radiate. Can’t recommend it enough!

Power Of The MindLive with Intention: We can learn to harness and strengthen our power as conscious Creators and activated entrepreneurs by living with grounded, clear intentions. I always write down my intentions for the new year, month, week and day ahead. This helps me to stay focused so that when I do go off course I am able to easily come back to my original intent. Knowing ourselves is the key to knowing what we want — this is where a daily practice of meditation and listening really helps. Be intentional to be powerful.

40 Breaths before Work (minimum): The excited part of me loves diving into my work as soon as I get home from golf, but the wise cracker inside of me knows that I’m way more grounded, clear, intentional and efficient when I follow this practice of connecting to my breath before I open my laptop. 40 breaths takes very little time and it gets me grounded, connected and crystal clear causing my productivity to sky rocket. Days that I skip this important step I find myself scattered, easily distracted and spending more time on Facebook than necessary.

Have Wifi Free Days: My wife, Celeste and I have wifi free Sundays where we hang out in a world without wifi. What do we do with all of our spare bandwidth on wifi free days? We hike with our dog Sasha, work in the garden, make love, sleep in, snuggle late, make great food, pray about our next steps, trade massages, go for an adventure and sometimes we get rebellious and catch up on laundry. I cherish our days without internet.

Mute the Phone and Turn off the Apps: I know this is a tough one, but I’ve found that turning off the wifi, leaving my phone up in my office and minimizing the number of apps I have to the absolute essentials has me less distracted with my device and more present and intentional with my time both online and offline. Double win!

Get Plenty of Rest: In order for our bodies to thrive and our mind to be alert and clear we MUST get enough sleep. Living on adrenaline jolts of caffeine and minimal sleep may work for the short-term when we gotta get shit done, but if we want to have long-lasting health, vibrancy and productivity, then we have to get out of living a fight or flight lifestyle and honour our body’s rhythms. Rest is essential.

Be in Nature at Least 60 minutes per Day: To be present and consciously connected out in nature is such a precious gift that is healing on so many levels. I am deeply fed and nourished by spending time working, sitting or hiking out in the elements (rain, snow or shine). It takes a clear mind to create awesomeness in the world and there is no better medicine than nature. Get outside and better yet, do all your work outside if you can. I spend at least 4-5 hours outside per day and I’m a better, more focused me because of it.

Exercise and Be Healthy: The bottom line is, if we fuel our body with the nutrients we need to thrive and we commit to living active, healthy lives that nourish us, it becomes easy to live in gratitude for the magic of the present moment … and it is in our presence that our true power exists.

Powerful Breath Practice for Cultivating Presence:
This is a powerful meditation practice that will help you focus better, feel calmer, become more mentally clear, improve your ability to use your imagination and be more creatively inspired. It will also energize your body or help you fall asleep (depending where you need rebalancing).

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