Our Biggest Responsibility Should Be Pursuing our Passions

Our Biggest Responsibility Should Be Pursuing our Passions

I think our main responsibility in life should be to do what we’re most passionate about.

If we’re passionate about feeding starving children, cleaning up the environment, finger painting, playing sports, being a mother or father, making music that gets people moving, surfing, traveling, meditating like a monk, writing, cooking for people, dancing or teaching people something cool, then we should do these things.

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In fact, we should do them every single day so that we become masterful at them. When we become masterful at them other people will seek us out to teach them or to ask for our support.

We will naturally make money (if we want), we will naturally be happier, we’ll naturally have more energy, we’ll naturally look forward to getting out of bed everyday, we’ll naturally be healthier (because we’ll be less stressed), we’ll naturally be more fulfilled. Okay, you get the picture. Lets just say there are a whole lot of naturally awesome side effects to pursuing our passions passionately.

I bet many of our Planet’s problems would be solved if everyone lived this way because people would be committing 100% of their energy, enthusiasm, passion and creativity to that thing they love most day in and day out. People would be on a path of Self Mastery and mastery of their chosen craft, which would do the world a whole lot of good. If everyone was doing the thing they loved most we would literally create a world built on the foundation of love.

This topic gets me so excited because I have devoted over a decade of my life to pursuing my passions like they’re my religion. I am proof that this can work and it does work (when we’re 100% committed).

Has the journey been easy? Heck no! I struggle just like everyone. But my struggles are for my own cause. The blood, sweat, hard work, discipline, tears, pain and victories are mine to savour and mine to learn from … not somebody else’s. At the end of the day if my life didn’t go how I wanted it to then it’s my fault 100% and I must take my lessons and do better the next day.

When I first took my leap of faith (which looked more like a hop, a skip and a jump with three clicks of the heals and I little jig called the Gratitude Dance, I definitely had some big doubts come up like…

“How will I make money?” Like a baby bird jumping out of the nest for its’ first time, when I needed to learn how to fly while falling towards the ground, I learned really fast. We’re humans, we’re programmed to survive and therefore we will figure out how to get our needs met.

“What will my friends or family think?” After the initial shock wore off they eventually accepted that this is the path I’m choosing to walk down and those that didn’t accept me were replaced with radically cool friends that love me for who I am. There will always be people in our lives (whiners, worriers and dream stealers) who want us to play small. Love them because they’re trying, but don’t believe a word they say… and try not to spend too much time with them.

“I’m not good enough.” Well no shit, that’s why I need to dedicate my whole life to this passion of mine, so I can eventually kick ass at it.

“What if I fail?” Better to fail doing something I love than something I hate. What a waste of energy to fail at something I dislike … even worst is to succeed at it though!

I’m sure there were more limitations I had to get over, but it’s getting late and I’d rather not dwell on my past before bedtime. What I want to say is, we all can live this way! It simply takes a shift in perspective, lots of dedication and a whole lot of fun. We have one glorious experience on Earth, unless you believe in reincarnation, then you have thousands if not millions… but lets just say we only have one NOW to live. Shal we live this now living our dream or slaving away at someone else’s?


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