Year: 2018

My Journal

ManTalks Speech: Spirituality Mastery Meditation Business & Golf

I spoke at a ManTalks event in Vancouver in front of 150 young entrepreneurs back in March on the topic of Spirituality and about my own personal spiritual journey. ManTalks is like TedTalks but geared towards men. In this 25-minute presentation I shared parts of my story I’ve never talked about publicly before. Some of the things […]

My Journal

Never Give Up on the Dream and Here’s Why!

I’m in between flights sitting in the LAX airport right now, on my way to Myrtle Beach for a weeklong golf vacation for my dad’s 60th birthday with a group of 30 other guys.  While buying a very expensive bottle of water and even more wildly expensive yogurt and granola, the young man who worked […]


Finding Balance When Business is Booming or Bombing

Any entrepreneur can understand the crazy amount of stress, pressure and mental energy a growing business can put on us. I hear it’s comparable to having triplets. This last while has been pretty full on for me and I thought by sharing how I’ve come to find balance and joy through the inevitable growth, struggles and […]


Be a Man and Cry like a Baby

As I write this my heart feels heavy and happy, sad and grateful. My wife, Celeste and I have made the decision to lay our loyal companion of 14 years, Sasha the dog to rest next weekend (04/04-2015). It’s so hard to believe because six weeks ago she was golfing with me everyday, going for […]


Our Biggest Responsibility Should Be Pursuing our Passions

I think our main responsibility in life should be to do what we’re most passionate about. If we’re passionate about feeding starving children, cleaning up the environment, finger painting, playing sports, being a mother or father, making music that gets people moving, surfing, traveling, meditating like a monk, writing, cooking for people, dancing or teaching […]


8 Presence Practices for the Activated Entrepreneur

It is in the small, simple practices that we do day in and day out that true success will become inevitable. We always look for the next big breakthrough or big thing to take us to the next level of success, however our foundation is not built on the big things, it is built upon small […]


Are you Dreaming a Dream of Future Fantasy?

Are you dreaming a dream of future fantasy or living a magical life grounded in reality? The future holds nothing of value. True wealth is in the present. What we do with our time (our greatest asset) determines the life we are living. In all our now moments we are given an infinite number of […]


10 Positive Side Effects from Enjoying your Life!

Our bodies will die someday and we will leave this lovely place. Why the %&*$ would we do anything but the things that we enjoy? Sure, we gotta eat food, have a home, wear clothes (otherwise we’ll get arrested — which is a silly rule in my opinion) and all that stuff… and yes, those […]


What are you Mastering in 2015?

A new beginning, new year and new now. Are you ready to have the best, most successful, activating year of your life? Do you have a plan to make that happen? Think back five years. Imagine a thing you really wanted to do but for some reason didn’t. What was it? Now imagine, how far […]

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